14: Dead but Free

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It goes without saying that you get in the van.

You keep your eyes locked on the glistening handgun aimed at your forehead as you gingerly climb inside the vehicle.

Inside, the driver and passenger seats are hidden from sight by a divisor, similar to a limo. The sliding door, available for the driver and passengers to talk to each other, is closed. There are seats lining the sides like a SWAT vehicle instead of regular seats, and one of them is occupied by a certain gorgeous brunette.

"Freaking heck, Kook," Jin sighs in exasperation, digging through a first-aid box in his lap. "Put the gun down. You're not shooting anybody right now." He pauses in his actions to smile politely up at you and pat the seat next to him. "Hello again, Y/N. Take a seat."

You take Jin's offer and scramble into the seat on the other side of him so his model-like body is in between you and the gun still directed your way.

Jungkook doesn't take his eyes off of you, that dark and intense gaze not wavering at all. It's like he's forgotten all about the wound in his shoulder.

But Jin hasn't.

"Jungkook," the oldest barks again, easy-going expression dropping into one of complete seriousness. "Put the gun down."

This time, he does.

Taehyung climbs into the vehicle behind you, sitting on the row of seats across the aisle. He barely gives his injured friend a glance.

In fact, there's a noticeable lack of panic at the blood-flushed wound staining the shoulder of their comrade.

Jin's motions are calm as he sifts through the medical supplies, and Taehyung watches him blankly. Even Jungkook himself simply leans his head back against the side of the van, breathing hard as he waits for medical assistance.

You can't keep your eyes off of him.

Something about the sight of him spread there, bare-chested and bruised and breathing heavily with all of those piercings lining his ears, those black rings through his lip, and the blood mixing itself with the ink tattooed into his skin...

It's exhilarating.

Jungkook pulls his hand away from his shoulder, glancing at the red liquid coating his palm so thickly that no skin is showing. He looks at Jin.

"Hyung. If you don't mind a little urgency...I just got stabbed."

Taehyung snorts in amusement and Jin grins, but you can't muster up any kind of laughter.

You're scared, and curious, and adrenaline is pumping through your veins like lightening, but you're not amused. You don't understand how these men aren't concerned about the lifeblood leaking out of their friend.

It only serves as a stark reminder that these men are the kind of people that aren't affected by such little things as a knife wound. As if that isn't anything to be worried over.

You're worried, and you don't even like Jungkook.

The partition separating the body of the van from the driver's seat slides open, a longly elegant face appearing. "Hey, it's Y/N! What's up?"

Hoseok. You smile weakly and raise a hand, waving.

"Alright!" Jin announces suddenly, bumping his elbow against your own. "I found the medical wrap. Let's go, Hobi."

As Jin slides to his knees in front of Jungkook, gauze in his arms, Hoseok pushes the van into motion. There are no windows in the back, and you you can't see well out the front of the windshield.

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