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Year 2031

My whole body is shaking and breathing hurts, it feels like my throat is pinched down. I want to scream, I want to cry but most of all: I want to run far away  from here. But the only think I can do is holding my little brothers hand tightly. I probably hurt him by the tight grip but losing him is like losing the last piece of myself and I won't allow that.

''Oli?'' Says Oscar through the noisy crowd. I never liked Oscar calling me 'Oli' instead of 'Olivia' but now I don't seem to care.

''Yes.'' I say with a shaking voice. All around me people are laying and sitting on the cold floor: coughing and crying. People who probably never talked to each other before are hugging. Through the crowd are people walking with yellow mouth caps and a white self. I call them 'Killers'. Because of them my parents died, because of them million of innocent people died and still die.

Let me start from the beginning. It all started in 2025, the crowd of people was only growing. Less people died because humans got stronger and more babies got born. In the begin it wasn't a big problem, we had enough houses and food. But it all got worse in 2030 . The world got overpopulated, no one knew exactly why. food got scarce and more people got homeless just because there weren't enough places to built new houses. A lot people died because of malnutrition but very soon malnutrition wasn't the worse problem. Due to the poor living environment, a disease developed: humeros. little did we know it wasn't just a disease who developed by the poor living environment. Later we found out, that the 'killers' were behind the disease, they made them on purpose. The disease would only effect on the weak people, they would die and they did. the 'killers' hoped that the overpopulated would disappear. 16,5 billion died. But it wasn't enough for the 'killers'. They started to kill innocent old people just like: babies and unimportant people, again 30 billion people died, my whole family died expect my little brother and I. there were only 2 billion people left. By now you would have thought that the 'killers' would stop, but they didn't.

''What is going to happen to us?'' Oscars asks. for two weeks straight I tried to avoid this question. I kneel down and I take his small face in my hands and press a kiss on his forehead. My lips never felt this dry and my head feels heavy. ''We are going to sleep for a little while, okay'' I say. Oscars frowns but his face impression changes really fast and really soon after I feel a hand grabbing my arm. It's happening. i turn around, looking at a white self.

''Olivia Green, are you able to come with me or do I need reinforcement?'' By the voice iknow it's a woman. I hate her already, It's not like if i'm going to run away, I would tell her, and I have no chance, they will shoot me immediatly.

''Yes we are.'' I say while not leaving my brother his green eyes. I wish my eyes were this green, they remind me of my dad.

''No.. It's just you, for now.'' The woman says. I wrap my arms around Oscar, I never hugged someone this tight. I promised him I would never leave him. ''I will see you very soon, I love you and I'm always with you. maybe not next to you. But I will be their in your heart and your head.'' I whisper in his ear.

iknow I should fight back but my body is way too weak. I follow the woman not leaving the sight on my little brother who is screaming my name while people are holding him like he is their own. I have a blank face, I run out of tears a while ago.

"We wil meet again.'' I scream.

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