Eli & Aeryn: Twenty Nine

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E: "Aeryn, it's me, Eli!"

A: "I know, a picture of you flashes up on my phone when you call."

E: "I'm not even going to ask how you got a picture of me. But quickly, I need your help!"

A: "What is it? Can you not make it tonight? My dad is really looking forward to meeting you. It's strange he hasn't yet, but I guess you normally come around while he's at work."

E: "I - I may have overdressed."

A: "Overdressed?"

E: "I'm outside your house, come out, quick!"

A: "Okay!"

E: "..."

A: "Show me then!"

E: "I - er, I thought I'd look smart for your dad but my mum laughed at me and said that I didn't need to dress up."

A: "...you're wearing a suit."

E: "I am aware."

A: "You...it looks...um..."

E: "Oh dear."

A: "No, I just can't-"

E: "I'll go change."

A: "IT LOOKS GOOD! I mean, you look great, er, fine."

E: "Are you sure?"

A: "Yeah, dad will be impressed."

E: "I hope so. I really want him to like me."

A: "Don't worry about it, I don't think anyone can not like you."

E: "Yeah, I forgot about that."

A: "Arrogant."

E: "Honest."

A: "Go inside the house before I change my mind."

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