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Klaus must have left after I fell asleep. From the moment we got to the apartment, he was a perfect gentleman who stayed at my request and made sure I was okay before leaving. It was definitely weird to be around him in this setting, but not awkward at all like I would have expected. He really seems to still care about me, and I think I feel the same towards him.

In the morning, I prepare my apartment for my departure. After everything that happened last night, I was surprised to find that my heart still wanted me to leave Mystic Falls for good and I can't help obliging. It's strange though because my magic usually gets a say in these matters, but it remains silent and out of my reach just as it was last night.

Yes, my power is still gone, even after sleeping the herbs off through the night. At this point, I can honestly say that I'm growing concerned. I'm human until it decides to come back to me, so my wounds won't heal like they usually do, but I'm sure they will be fine regenerating at a normal speed. I mean, they hurt pretty bad, but I don't know what else to do.

Damon calls my phone repeatedly until I decide to shut it off. I'm not ready to reconnect with him, not after what happened last night and the lies he's told me. There's no greater pain than when a friend betrays you and brings your worse enemy back from the dead to rain terror on an ex-boyfriend. Okay, I guess this is the first time anything like this has ever happened, but it still really sucks.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I have my phone, my charger and the clothes I'm wearing, but that's all I ever had here in the first place. The guilt in my chest weighs me down, so I restart my phone so I can at least tell Klaus where I'm headed.

I give my apartment one last parting glance before closing the door behind me. It has been useful while I was here, but it's not the first home I've walked away from. I leave my key with the attendant in the lobby and she gives me a strange glance as I walk away looking battered and bruised.

My first stop is to the car dealership where I give the salesman my credit card and tell him to get me whatever car that will help his commission. When I usually do something like this, I will use my magic to pick someone who is deserves it, but without that advantage, I have to make the judgement call.

I don't waste time filling out paperwork, and the man who is making thousands of dollars off of this deal doesn't push it. I give him one of my addresses to mail whatever I have to fill out and I promise he will get it all later. He trusts me, maybe because of my generosity or perhaps he thinks he's a hero for helping me escape an abusive situation what with all these bumps and bruises covering my arms and face.

The light blue Cadillac that is picked out for me is not very inconspicuous, but I do think it's cute. I throw my few belongings into the passenger seat and roar the engine to life. I'm not sure when my last road trip was, but I'm getting a little too excited for the upcoming alone time.

After a few hours of driving, my phone starts ringing. I turn down the blaring radio and press the phone to my ear. My speed doesn't slow with the new distraction.

"Hi, Nik." I guess.

"You picked the wrong time to leave town, sweetheart." Klaus's voice isn't very joyful, and my own tone grows serious.

"What's wrong?" I question.

"It's Stefan. He stole from me and I need your help to get it back. Come home."

Home. Interesting... I never would have thought Klaus would feel that way about Mystic Falls. And for him to suggest that it's my home too, well, that makes my heart warm.

At the same time, I have my own mission that I need to handle. It wasn't until I started driving that I figured out where I'm needed next. Klaus can't take me away from all of that now for some feud with the Salvatores. That's him business, not mine.

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