Chapter XXVI

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"Suprise!" The girl said and smirked devilishly.

"What are you doing here?" Jennie asked.

Jennie slammed the door walked furiously towards the girl's direction. It feels like she's ready for a cat fight in a minute.

"Yah, Kang Seulgi! What have you done with my controller?!" Jennie said as she saw her controller of her ps4 broken.

"I was kinda annoyed because I wasn't able to beat your record. So...." Seulgi giving her peace sign.

"Out of all things you broke, this was your chosen victim. Jisoo gave me this." Jennie frowned while getting the broken pieces of her controller.

"Like controller like owner. You both are broken. Kidding!" Seulgi made the throw pillow as her shield when Jennie aimed to hit her with a slipper.

"Aren't you busy with the preparations? Why are you even here? Your wedding is just weeks away." Jennie said.

"Irene will have some quality time with her family tonight." Seulgi said and turned on the TV.

"Don't you have any plans getting yourself a job?" Seulgi asked.

"A law firm already contacted me. I'll be working soon. I want to enjoy my unemployed life first." Jennie replied.

"How things going on between you and Jisoo?" Seulgi said. Not paying attention to the movie.

"She's not giving me cold treatment now unlike the past months. I'm taking it slow this time." Jennie said.

"That's good. Mina is quite good for Jisoo, no doubt. But I'm still rooting for you, my lil sis." Seulgi said and slighty tapped Jennie's head.


"Just months ago, I was the one helping you in your apartment and now you're the one who's helping me." Mina chuckled.

"Yeah, you're right. Your apartment isn't bad, in fact, I like it." Jisoo said after helping Mina to fix her things on her apartment.

"Yeah, and it's quite spacious. Are you hungry?" Mina said.

"A little bit." Jisoo said.

"I actually bought ingredients for macarons when we had grocery earlier. Let's make some. And let's hand out to my neighbors instead of giving them a traditional rice cake." Mina suggested.

"That's a good idea." Jisoo half smiled. She remembers the time when she and Jennie used to bake macarons.

They started to prepare the ingredients, the utensils they need to use. Good thing, her apartment's kitchen has everything they needed.

"Jisoo, you have some flour on your forehead."

Jisoo tried to remove it but there are still that haven't removed yet. Mina went to her and grabbed her handkerchief.

"You're such a kid. And that means, I'm inlove with a kid." Mina said as she wiped the flour on Jisoo's forehead.

Jisoo was taken aback.

"Come on, let's put them on the oven now." Mina said and carried the tray and put it on the oven.

They waited for a couple of minutes and finally, the macarons are now baked. They just need to put some filling.

"It tastes good. Minari is so good." Jisoo said and took a bite on her food.

"You want to come with me or you'll stay here?" Mina asked.

"I'll come, I want to experience to hand out those macarons to your neighbors. Let's go!" Jisoo said excitedly.

They cheerfully handed the macarons and their neighbors loved it. One more left.

Mina pressed the doorbell. After a couple of moments, the door opened revealing her neighbored.

"Hello. I just moved in and I'm your new neighbor, Mina. This is my friend, Jisoo." Mina said.

"Hello, Mina. It's nice to have you as my new neighbor.

Jisoo just stood there not believing who's standing infront of her right now. Out of all people, why it has to be that girl?

"Oh, long time no see, Jisoo." She smiled sweetly.

"By the way, I'm Im Nayeon."


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