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As soon as we landed in Sokovia we stepped out of the Quinjet, taking in the scent of Sokovia after a week. Pietro and I stepped out last, our hearts beating fast because of the country we were in. "Stay safe." I whispered as I quickly pecked a kiss on his cheeks. He smiled softly as a blush crept on his features before he ran away towards the police station to warn them.

Everyone around me jerked up an amused eyebrow and I looked at them in annoyance. "Why are you— you know what? I'm not even going to ask." I said before everyone parted their ways and followed the plan Steve had explained multiple times in the Quinjet.

Wanda stood in the middle of the city. The red aura out of her hands reached strangers that passed by and people in apartment buildings. They all walked in the same direction; towards safety and far far away from the city itself. Clint and I were backing up Wanda while Thor and Bruce made their way towards Strucker's house to find Natasha. And Tony was making his way towards Ultron.

The Earth beneath our feet started rumbling and I steadied myself by grabbing Clint by his shoulders. "What the-?" I grabbed my blades out of my sheath and looking around the place where an army of robots crawled out of the ground to the surface to attack the city while everyone was evacuating.

Not even a second after the rumbling Earth they all started to attack us and Clint started to dart arrows in the bot's their head while I was separating their limbs from their bodies.

"Do you even have enough with 20 arrows?" I yelled out above the loud alarms and screaming people. Clint looked at me with disapproval and chose to ignore me as he elbowed a bot in his face and made him fall of the bridge we were standing on.

"Get off the bridge!" Wanda yelled as she created a force field in front of her and the civilians behind her when a blast from one of the robots came towards them. Clint quickly took that bot out, making it fall in front of my feet. "Run!" Wanda yelled making the civilians behind her obey her and run away from the scene. Wanda quickly fell down to the ground in pain and I ran up to her. "Wanda! Are you okay?" I helped her up but my arms couldn't hold her up any longer as I was losing energy second by second due the fight going on. She slowly regained her balance and stood up without my help before she gave me a small but thankful smile. "Thank you."

"Go to Pietro! Me and Wanda got it here, you are needed elsewhere." Clint yelled above the mess and I looked at Wanda for approval. She nod and I ran my way towards the middle of the city where Pietro supposedly should be.

"Pietro? Do you copy?" I asked through my comm as I ran my way towards the city, slicing off limbs of the bots along the way. "Yes." Pietro huffed, clearly tired of the fight already. "Where are you? I'm coming to you."

"I got you." Pietro's voice now said clearer and I looked next to me to see the speedster smiling down at me. His arms quickly wrapped around my waist before he sped of towards the place where I assumed he was fighting before. He stood still after a couple seconds and I tried to regain balance while Pietro started to break bots that were coming my way.

Once I regained balance, I did my thing until the place me and Pietro were, was clear of murdering bots. "You are good with that sword." He complimented and I cheekily smiled at the boy.

"And you are good with... speed." I squinted my eyes and mentally slapped myself for the so called compliment but he took the complement and chuckled deeply. "Thanks."

The Earth beneath us shook again yet this time it was way worse than before. The Earth parted between me and Pietro and I quickly jumped to his side before more space could be formed between us. He took me into his arms and I looked down at the parting Earth. The Earths wasn't only parting but it was starting to float too. Cars started to fall down which were just on the edge just as buildings parted in two, the other half on the flying platform whilst the other half was crumbling down. 

"Sokovia's going for a ride." I heard Tony tell us through our comms while me and Pietro we're looking down on the edge.

"You wouldn't say." I said as I looked down at the city underneath us.

We were flying.

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