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I wake up to a crash. My subconscious doesn't register it at first, but the unfamiliarity of the bed below me and the brightly lit moon shining in from the window wills me to open my eyes.

"Clara!" Klaus bellows from somewhere in the house.

I sit up, fully awake now. There's a minor headache forming from being awoken, but I at least don't feel like I could fall over from exhaustion now.

There is another crash and I jump up to run to the door. I had changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt from my suitcase before falling asleep so I could feel a little less awkward about sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. Klaus promised me it's just a spare bedroom, but it kind of reminds me of the room I had in our home, 500 years ago.

"Niklaus?" I call down the hallway when the sound of fighting stops.

I receive no answer, but as I reach the grand staircase, the sound of hushed whispers echo up to me. I gravitate towards them carefully until all of the sudden, they stop. There's a gush of wind that I recognize as an incoming vampire. The person who appears in front of me is not anyone I would have expected.

"You... you were dead." Elijah Mikaelson breathes, holding a hand up towards me subconsciously.

Klaus appears next to him and I feel myself shrink under their gazes.

"She gets that a lot." Klaus sighs, meeting my eyes with an amused expression.

I instantly try to hide my blush, "I heard my name and fighting. Is everything alright?"

"Um," Elijah hums, putting a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Just a short disagreement. It is... nothing you need to worry about."

I look between the two and smile genuinely. I had been so worried about the Mikaelson's all reuniting, but Elijah is still the man I've always admired. His nobility is dashing, especially in a society that so greatly lacks it.

Before I can ask what they fought about, he takes a few large steps towards me. When we are face to face, he lifts a hand to my cheek, but I flinch away in my not-so-new automatic response to physical touch.

"I'm sorry," he apologizes as soon as it happens. "I think I'm still just a little shocked that you're here. How is it possible?"

"When I die, I come back. That's all I really know for the how part of it. You should both know that I had no idea of any of this when Mikael killed me. I promise."

"I've figured that, Claramay. That or you are a stellar actor." Klaus cuts in, moving to stand by my side.

Elijah stares at him, his expression confused. There's never really been a competition between them for me as far as I know, but I'm sensing some kind of tension right now between them that I can't figure out the reason to.

"What is it, Elijah?" I question, nervously.

His eyes flicker to mine, "To put it frankly, I'm surprised to see you two together."

"And why is that, brother?" Klaus grumbles.

"No reason." He runs a hand through his hair, "I think I need a shower and a haircut. Excuse me."

Elijah turns away from us and heads up the stairs. With him not blocking my view, I see the room that they must have been fighting in as there is glass all over the floor along with a dead hybrid. Beyond that, the coffins where Klaus stores his daggered family are sitting in rows.

"Why did you undagger him and not the others too?"

Klaus follows my gaze to the other coffins, "Damon did it so he could use Elijah's anger against me. Thankfully, the bond of family is stronger."

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