{chapter 39}

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Finally alone.

I finally felt at peace once I was able to flop in the hospital room all by myself away from the police , the doctors and the reporters. Sleep sounded so good at the moment I could marry her.

Immediately after I brought Nick in, I was flooded with so many never ending questions by everyone that surrounded me.

Soon after the word was out Nick was safe, his father was the first one to arrive. He was red and flushed ,and his eyes wide with fear as to see what shape his was in.

"He was conscious all the way up until I got here, he was freezing from the rain officer Adams ." I tried to explain.

I honestly thought he was going to scream at me, but instead he wrapped me in a bone crushing hug and held it there for what seemed like eternity.

"Thank you." Was all he breathed out before pushing past me and shoving his way past doctors to get to his son.

After that, reporters began to flood the hospital, ignoring security who was trying to push them out.

"Where was he?"
"How did he go missing?"
"Was he taken? A runaway?"

I was shouted many questions, all I declined to answer, because the weren't mine to answer.

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed when Nix finally came and orders hospital security to get them out for food.

I rushed over to him and held his body tightly. "I think he's going to be ok Nix. He was cold and all, but I know he's strong and-" I was cut off by a strong kiss that sent a huge pulse through all of my body.

"You found him. Thank god you found him." Was all he muttered over and over again as I held him tight to my body. "I have to go see him." He blurted before quickly running off the same way his father did.

I smiled weakly, utterly drained but overly happy the love of my life , was able to see one of his loves hopefully safe.

After Nix left, I was left alone and one of the kind nurses ushered me to a private family waiting room where I could collect myself and finally rest, which where it leaves me now.

I leaned my head back and let my mind sit at peace and drift away.
I was awoken by Nix gently shaking my shoulder.
"What's happening?" I quickly jolted up.

"They're just now letting me go back and see him, did you wanna come with me?" He asked softly.

I nodded quickly standing up and following Nix through weaving hallways before we finally got to room that I was guessing was Nicks.

Nix knocked twice quickly before pushing the door open.

Inside the room Sheriff Adams was sitting beside , leaned back with his arms crossed. When we walked in he quickly wiped his eyes and stood up.

"Uh, he's not really telling me what happened, maybe you'll have better luck getting some truth." He sighed standing up and heading out the door, but not before patting Nix on the back.

I quickly rushed to the little boys bedside and held onto his head. He turned to look at me and gave me a large sloppy grin. The large gash he had on his face was now stitched and bright red.

Nix stayed slightly back, eventually sauntering up to my spot , next to his brother.

"I'm glad you're ok." He spoke softly while ruffling his brothers hair softly.

Nick smiled slightly, still clutching my hand rather tightly.

"But you know we have to know what happened Nick. Where did you go? Did anyone hurt you?" He asked , his hand still stroking his brothers hair softly back.

His brother still said nothing and I sighed. "Come on Nick, we'll be here and if you want we won't tell anyone anything you said." I tried to bribe him.

This seemed to break him out of his silence and he looked up at me hopefully. "Promise?" He asked softly and I nodded in agreement.

"Well" He began. "My daddy got mad at me and yelled at me because my teacher called and told him I didn't  go English session at the end of the day and I ditched." He started.

"That's not like you to skip or miss any type of class." Phoenix added.

"Well everyone was bein mean to me and the teacher told me stop taking when I was really just trynna tell them to leave me alone. And then when my teacher called Dad he got mad and made me go to sleep early." He continued before pausing slightly and taking a shaken breath. " I gots mad and ran away." He finally spit out.

"You fucking what?" Phoenix growled lowly at his brother taking angry steps toward him.

"Ok calm down , he's safe now." I quickly tried to put myself between my boyfriend and his trembling little brother.

"You literally terrified the fuck out of all of us Nick. For what? You were impulsive and ridiculous this all could of been handed so much easier. It's time for you to grow up." He spat angrily before shoving the door up viciously and storming out.

I sighed at the little boys sobs that began to intensify.

"I-I'm sorry." He choked out over and over.

I smiled sweetly and climbed into his oversized hospital bed with him. "You shouldn't of run away. But there's nothing we can do now ok? I'm just happy your safe and back." I said softly and massaging his scalp with my nails.

"I'm not! Phoenix is gonna tell my dad and I'm gonna be in even more trouble and they'll both hate me forever" he sobbed even harder.

I shook my head. "They could never hate you Nick. Even if they tried they couldn't they love you way too much. As for Nix telling your guys dad, I'm not sure but he's going to find out eventually. Maybe Nix can make it easier for you." I tried to offer some sound advice for the sobbing child.

He simply clung to me , and I let him until he slowly drifted off into a sound sleep. A little while after he fell asleep my eyes slowly closed themselves and I got some much needed rest.


When my eyes re-opened Nix was sitting in the chair adjacent from the bed where his brother and I fell asleep. I slowly stood up as not to wake the napping child and motioned for Nix to follow me outside so we could talk without interrupting his sleep.

"You didn't have to be so harsh with him." I said as soon as the door closed.

Nix rolled his eyes at me and crossed his arms right away. "He needed to know what he did was wrong." he argued back at me.

"He is a child! He was already in a fragile state as is. He needed love and support from you not your yelling." I shot back right away.

"Don't tell me what my brother needs. You've only known him for a few months , Ive known him his whole life." He seethed angrily, his cheeks starting to turn red.

I looked at his appearance and let out a sigh. He was standing with his arms crossed and his hair disheveled , and teeth grinding.

"Ok." I said simply going back into the hospital room, going to grab my purse and jacket.

Nix was still standing outside the door when I left the room again and started to leave. "Bye Phoenix" was all I stated before making my way down the long corridor towards the exit where my car was parked.


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