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I spent the rest of the day locked in the room Klaus has assigned to me. I would leave if I could, but I don't think Elijah or Klaus would ever allow that to happen. Especially since Damon and Stefan should be over any minute and I have a close bond with at least one of them.

Despite wanting to run and hide from all of them, I make my way downstairs to where Klaus has a cozy table by the fire set up for dinner.

"I thought this was just a meeting?" I question, quietly.

"You know Niklaus and his theatrics," Elijah clarifies.

As he moves to get the door for the Salvatores, I make my way over to Klaus. He stands by the table with a blank expression and he doesn't say anything to me when I lean against one of the chairs next to him.

"Niklaus, our guests have arrived." Elijah calls to us as Damon and Stefan come into the house.

Damon meets my gaze but doesn't say anything. Stefan looks at Klaus and I and rolls his eyes.

"Damon. Stefan. Elijah tells me, you seek an audience. Very bold. Let's discuss the terms of our agreement like civilized men, shall we?" Klaus begins, gesturing to the table.

"I didn't come here to eat, Klaus." Stefan admits, "Fact, I didn't want to come here at all. But I was told I had to cause you would hear us out."

The hybrid takes a seat and lifts his glass to him, "Well, we can sit and eat, or I can reach down your throats and pull out your insides. The choice is yours."

More threats. I turn around to sit next to where Damon is headed, but Elijah holds open a chair that is right in the middle of him and Klaus. I try not to react, but I'm feeling pretty overprotected right about now as I take a seat between them.

Slutty waitresses bring us food and wine. Considering I'm the only one here who actually needs food to survive, my plate is placed in front of me first. I can feel how hungry I still am after not eating much these last few days, so I don't mind playing along if it means I finally get to put something solid inside of my stomach.

After a few minutes of us all eating, I see that Stefan hasn't touched neither his food nor his drink.

Klaus notices it too, "You lost your appetite."

Damon glares at his brother, "Eat. I thought we agreed that we would leave the grumpy Stefan at home."

With a scoff, Stefan takes an unwilling bite. Klaus smirks, obviously very amused that the youngest Salvatore is being forced to do anything.

"That's the spirit. Isn't it nice? The five of us dining together. Such a treat." He exclaims, "Is this what you had in mind when you pulled the dagger from my brother?"

He gestures with his knife over to Elijah. I look at Damon, knowing that this is nothing like he had envisioned. He glares at Klaus in response.

"I know how he felt about you, so I figured the more, the merrier."

"Well, Elijah and I have had our share of quarrels over the century, but we always make it through."

Stefan suddenly sits up, "Kind of like you and Rebekah, right? Where is she, by the way? Last I checked she was still daggered because you were afraid to face her."

"If you're referring to the fact that Rebekah knows I killed our mother, I've already come clean to Elijah and Clara." Klaus looks to Elijah to confirm it and his brother nods.

The younger set of brothers bicker amongst themselves. I pick up the wine glass before me to find that it is indeed the vineyard alcohol and not the much stronger bourbon.

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