Wrong Time

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~+Weeks Pass: Medical Ward+~

Grace and Lizzie were going to Tom's room to do check ups and change his gown again. Weeks had passed since the fateful day where Tom fell into his coma, but the base was coping with it in their own way. The two of them had carefully taken their Leader into a full daily process to make sure his IV is always full and he's getting something to eat.

"Okay Lizzie, just the usual check up and change of gown. Nothing different." Doctor Grace tells her as she puts her hand on the doorknob.

"Yes, Doctor Grace."

Grace truns the knob of the door and swings it open to show the inside of the room, expecting to see their coma state Leader.

Lizzie immediately drops her clipboard to the floor in surprise.

There, on the bed, sitting up and looking at his right hand, is their awake Leader. His hand opening and closing a few times before noticing his guest. His head turns their way, eyes narrowing at them in suspicion.

"Blue-" Grace couldn't speak more as their Leader cuts her off, surprising both women at his first words.

"Who are you?"

+Tord's Office+


"Tord wait a moment."

Tord shakes his head at Torm who is holding right arm down on his desk. "I need this arm you know."

"You can always make a new one." Torm puts in as he watches Tomi do his work on Tord's red robot arm.

It was a boring part of the day when Tord had nothing better to do. Torm and Tomi had come into his office to spend some time with him, the usual. At the moment, Tomi is putting his artistic side to use by drawing on Tord's fake arm with a permanent blue sharpie. The young monster is drawing stars along the upper arm, then scribbling in their names on the forearm.

"Done!" Tomi cheers happily as he raises his arms in the air. He admires his work.

Torm lets go of his father figure's arm to let him see the well-done work. "I hope people don't catch sight of this when I make public announcements on live television."

"They'd be lucky if they do." Torm laughs as Tomi comes to hug his arm.

"RED LEADER!" Paul and Patryk exclaim as they come into the office. They were panting and their clothes were a mess.

"What the f-"

"Tord!" Torm says in a warning tone.

"-udge!" Tord quickly redirects his word. Torm is really pushing the protective side he got from Tom. "Why do you two look like that?"

Completely pushing aside their son's question, Paul was heaving in the air while Patryk tried to explain. "Tord, he's awake-"

"Who's awake?"

"Tom's awake!" Patryk shouts as he falls back to sit on the couch.

"Mom's awake," A growing smile made its way to Tomi's face. "Mom's awake!" Torm smiles as he lets his brother tug him towards the door to go see Tom, but Paul blocks the way. "Pauli?"

Paul let's out a breath after gaining his bearings. "Hold on you two, we're not done talking yet."

Tord stands up from his seat, coming over to them with a concerned expression. "Is something wrong?"

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