Chapter Five

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"Hey, Tori. Don't we have that nail appointment?" I ask suggestively.

We didn't have a nail appointment I just wanted to get away from here. I was hoping she got the clue and would go along with the story.

"Oh, that. No, I canceled it because I need to go to the dentist," she says with a smirk.

Oh, that little bitch. I knew what she was doing. She thought this would begin a civil conversation between me and Spencer.

"Well, got to go get those gums cleaned," Tori gets out of the booth and walks away. I knew she was gone once the bells jingled.

There's an uncomfortable silence surrounding us both and I hate it. It's awkward and I would have left by now if Spencer's very fit body wasn't in the way.

Just the way he held me...

No! Stop it!

"So, how have you been?" He asks nervously.

"Good, you?" I offer him a smile.

"Now I'm good," he smirks. He does know I'm engaged right? Maybe his invitation did get lost in the mail.

"I got your invitation."

Shit. Well, add donate to a charity to my to-do list once again.

I wanted to scream "I didn't give that to you", but giving the fact we were in a public place I couldn't claw out his eyes or murder him. I need to get out of here before my violent thoughts become reality.

"I should get going," I say and gesture for him to move.

"Look." I hate his serious tone. "I am sorry how we left things. I just want to talk to you."

"Okay, but can you at least go to that side," I say as I point to the other side of the booth.

Spencer does what I ask and when his legs rub against mine a jolt of electricity runs through me. His touch feels foreign. A part of me almost missed it. I wanted to slap myself for thinking that. Come on Brooklyn! You have a fiancé!

"How have things been for you?" He asks.

"Amazing. You?"

"Well, not so well," he begins. "My dad is in the hospital and he has a brain tumor. He is having surgery in a couple of weeks. The worst thing is waiting knowing he can have a stroke or seizer any minute."

"Spencer," I whisper in a hushed voice and reach my hand out to touch his arm.

It's comfort touching, not anything else. When my mom passed away Liam was there and it was so much easier. Losing a parent is not easy, but having one that is gone and one not quite there is difficult.

"I get what you mean. A couple of months after you left my mom got in a car accident. She died on impact. The guy that hit her was driving drunk," I say as a tear threatens to run down my cheek at the memory.

I didn't want to cry. I truly didn't, but having him across from me has every sense heightened and on alert. Plus, I get how hard it is to lose a parent or be in constant fear.

In a sense, I lost two parents because after my mom died because my dad became distant. He started to drink and it got so bad that I didn't want to come home at night.

I have never doubted my love or trust for Liam until Spencer came around. It's harder to admit it to myself. I am still attracted to him.

I don't know if it was the way he held me at night or cuddled me while surviving my movie picks. In another light, I am holding Spencer to a pedestal and hoping that Liam surpasses it.

I didn't even realize I had intertwined our hands until I looked up to see his shocked face.

"Sorry. It's a habit," I say and pull my hand away shyly.

"It's okay," Spencer reassures me.

After that, we talked and talked for what felt like hours. It must have been because the sun has officially said its goodbyes. The moon is the sky's only source of light and stars glisten through the darkness.

I got to learn a lot about him. I mean we had time apart that needed to be put into words and it felt amazing. I understand on a different level why he left. I would have done the same thing, but you know maybe text the person I love a couple of times so, they don't pull out their hair while waiting by the phone.

"You know I missed this. I miss us, Brooklyn," Spencer says after a moment of silence. A part of me wanted to say, "I do too, but that can't happen. "

I know," I say, simply.

A yawn then escapes my mouth and he is quick to offer me a ride home. Since I don't have my car and Tori decided to bail I took the offer. It was harmless.


"I knew you still lived here," he chuckles as we pull up to my house.

"Yeah, sorry about that." I smile as I get out of the car.

"Goodnight Brooklyn," he mumbles so faintly that I almost couldn't hear it.

"Goodnight Spencer," I whisper back.

I can't shake the sense of deja vu as he drives away. It reminded me of when he would drop me off and kiss me goodnight. Sometimes he would tuck me in and lay next to me until I fell asleep. Only to find him holding me the next morning because he said we fell asleep too.

Spencer is a one of a kind guy and I can never say I don't love him. Tonight made me realize that I still hold those feelings deep in my heart and it terrifies me.

I put my keys into the door lock and twist. The door creaks open and light is flooded in the night. That's when I see Liam on the couch and immediately my heart melts for him.

"Hey," he says in a scratchy voice. It sounded like he just woke up from a nap. I go sit by him and he pulls me close to his side as he lays his lips on my temple. A smile sneaks its way to my lips.

"Who was that you were with?" He questions as he pulls me closer.

"Just a friend." I smile as I snuggle into him.

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