Chapter Six

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I saw the curtain move and a face appeared. Messy black hair was thrown everywhere on a pale face. I assumed that was Liam or in other words Brooklyn's fiancé. I felt repulsed as I used that word.

A day will never go by that I wouldn't regret leaving. There will always be that perfect image in my head. Brooklyn and I with our son and daughter or whatever we were lucky to have. I want Brooklyn and need her dearly. Some messed up shit has happened throughout my lifetime that can mess up a person and she erased that from my memory.

When I was fourteen my real mother abused me. I wouldn't even call her my real mother because my mom is in New York right now. After the police got involved I was put up for adoption. That's when Duane and Michelle adopted me. At first, it was weird to be out of that situation. Coming home and being a human punching bag was a routine so, I was a bit reclusive at first. I never came out of my room. My food was delivered to my door and the only time I left was to go to school.

By the time I turned fifteen I was a lot more open about my past. I was seeing a therapist about my childhood and was in a better place. Mentally and physically.

I lost a lot of weight and got good grades. I was overweight due to depression and took eating as an escape. It was easy to turn to food instead of people. I relied on it like I would a mother. So, once I hit the gym and lost all that extra weight I was in a much better state of mind. Exercising was now my escape and I wasn't going to any golden arches to order a cheeseburger.

Then, Brooklyn came into my life. I met her at a coffee shop and she blew the first impression out of the water. I remember that day like it was yesterday. She had her nose in a book and a notebook off to the side. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a neat bun. She had napkins in a pile beside her.

Brooklyn was perfect in my eyes so, I chased her. But it always seemed like I was always going one step forward and then three steps back. I didn't think she liked me very much, so I stopped. I, of course, got the urge to go talk to her, but it seemed to work in my favor when she would talk to me first. I didn't have to chase her like a lost puppy anymore. That was the first time I have ever got close to a girl.

As a teenager my mindset was about school and finishing college so, I wasn't the type of guy to go around to different girls and leave them the next morning. I never had sex with any of the girls in high school. Of course, girls would throw themselves at me, but I was used to turning them down. They just never seem to learn it isn't attractive to be a walking STD carrier.

Once Brooklyn and I started to date, I found myself giving into her. I would talk to her about my childhood and tell her about Claire, my birthmother. She seemed to understand me so well and I felt as if I could talk to her for hours. Brooklyn is a very trustworthy girl. She never seemed to be the party or drinking type and I liked that about her. I didn't have to worry about her getting drunk and end up kidnapped or even worse. Still, when it came to her I was of course protective. I never had a girl before and I didn't know what that possessive feeling was like. Brooklyn brought it out in me. She was quite popular in college and with that reputation came other male friends, but she was good about being with other guys. She would always have me by her side if she was going out with a group of friends.

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