Chapter Eight

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I wake up to the sound of a knock at the door. Seeing that it is a Sunday and I am too lazy, I ignore it. The knocking only becomes louder and I sigh. I open the door and am greeted by Liam.

"Hey," he says as he approaches me and snakes his hands around my waist.

"Hi," I say with a yawn.

"Rough night?" He laughs.

"More like a late one," I say referring to me having to take care of Spencer.

I was worried about him last night. Normally he never gets that drunk so, something must have been wrong. I was going to go over to his place and ask him, but now that Liam is here, I can't.

"Well, get dressed. We are going cake testing and venue shopping." He smiles as he turns me around and playfully pushes me to my room. I glare back at him and it later turns to a giggle.

Once I got to my room, I quickly put on a pair of leggings and one of Liam's hoodies. Before I shut the drawer, my eyes glance towards the oversized t-shirt. It is Spencer's and I haven't been able to get rid of it, but it' not like I've worn it since we broke up. I can most definitely say one benefit of being engaged is being able ste- I mean borrow his clothes. I then match this with a pair of old converse and walk out my door.

"Let's go," I say with a yawn and begin to walk to his car. Once we are buckled in, Liam starts the car and we are off.

I lay my head on the window and let my mind take over. I miss you. Those words play over and over on repeat. Oh, how I wanted to say it back. But, he was drunk. What if he didn't mean it? They do say drunken words are sober thoughts.

Liam notices how my mind is taking over and puts a hand on my thigh. It's those sweet actions that make me happy. It is also crazy to think how just one touch can turn me into a pile of mush.

Liam then takes my hand and kisses my knuckles then he goes up to the ring he got me and kisses that too. "I love you," he says in a faint whisper.

"I love you too." I smile back, meaning it.


"I can't eat anymore," I say with a frustrated groan.

We are currently at the cake shop deciding what cake we want to have on the wedding day. Sadly, I thought I would have my mind made up, but all the cake looks so good and I can't resist it.

"Here is one last flavor, red velvet." My head lifts at the words of my favorite cake.

"One last piece," I sigh and pick up my trusty fork. The icing makes my taste buds tingle and I immediately know it is the right cake. If it only was the first cake we tasted.

"This is it," I say smiling and I place a gentle peck on Liam's lips. You can taste the icing off of his lips and I lick my own.

Once we finally got the cake ordered, Liam and I started to tour venues. The first place we visit is a small church and I knew it was not the right place. Then, we came upon the prettiest barn ever. It had over time wear and tear, but it was gorgeous. If that wasn't the selling point then the flowers that were outside were. They were all outlined in a field that didn't look like it had an ending like the ocean. Pink ones, blue once, yellow ones and any other color I could ever imagine was brought to life in the flowers.

Liam immediately sees my facial expression and starts to make a call to the owners. The day of our wedding turned out perfectly since the venue was free and no one booked it. How could they not want to book such a pretty place?

Now I am starving even though I ate a lot of cake. For some reason I want a burger and fries, so once Liam goes through a drive-through and a double cheeseburger is in my hands, I squeal with happiness.

"Now, that you are in a good mood," he pauses and chuckles. "I wanted to ask if you wanted to go to the carnival at the pier tonight."

I nod my head fast while chewing on a fry. The carnival sounded fun and I was in the mood for a funnel cake and caramel apples. I mean who wouldn't be. Plus, the stuffed animals you can win are adorable!

On the downside, I hate roller coasters with a burning passion. The sad thing is, it took me to see the people getting sent off to their death to realize it. At that time it was too late to turn back and I had to suffer the consequences. In my opinion, going up is the hardest part. It's the suspense that kills you and then the fact that you are plunging to your death doesn't help. Especially when you are over dramatic like me. So, when the ride is over and my lungs are aching from the screaming, I finally calm down.

"That was terrifying," I say out of breath and Liam responds with a laugh. "Oh my Goodness! That's adorable."

Before he knows it I'm pulling him towards a huge bear that is right beside a game. The game didn't seem complicated as you only had to get one ring around the bottle. But, it turned out to be very hard forty dollars later.

Liam's face is full of concentration and he will not give up. It's kind of cute when his tongue sticks out of his mouth just the slightest bit. It is almost as if he thinks it will do him better.

"Maybe you should just give up," I say and place a hand on his shoulder.

"No! I will win," he glares with a very determined smile.

Low and behold he throws one last ring and it rests on a bottle. The lady running the booth asks what I wanted and I immediately point to the adorable bear.


"There's only one thing that is more beautiful than this sunset and I'm looking right at her."

We are at the very top of the Farris wheel. It is gorgeous up here and everyone looks like ants. Looking back at life gives me hope for the future. All the events leading up to now it just better preparing me. I have the most handsome boy sitting beside me and the fluffiest bear. This is perfect.

"Thank you for tonight." I smile and lean my head against his shoulder.

"You know I look towards the future and to see your stunning face waking me up in the morning. Even a miniature you running around our house will make me ecstatic. I know we will get on each other's nerves, but we will always come back to each other. Thank you," he says with sincerity burning in his eyes.

"For what?" I ask in a faint whisper.

"For this, for you, and everything."

That's when he tilts my chin up and kisses me under the moonlight.

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