Chapter Nine

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The smell of bacon greets me as I wake up in the morning. It was an amazing scent that had me getting up faster than usual. I loved bacon along with most people in this world. The way the flavor rolled on your tongue was just about as irresistible as the sight in front of me. A very shirtless Liam stands in front of the stove. His back muscles were defined and you could see every indent.

"This is the sight I like to see," I say as I wrap my hands around his torso.

He chuckles and catches me off guard by turning around and capturing my lips with his. He takes me kissing him back as a good sign and licks my lips for entry. I grant him it and our tongues clash together. Liam picks me up and places me on the granite island that sits in the middle of the kitchen. I felt hot and his hands that are slowly moving under my shirt doesn't help.

A crackling sound pulls us apart as we both breathe heavily. We just had a hot make-out session in my kitchen and I loved it. Liam turns around quickly and tends to the bacon.

"I should probably turn off the stove next time," he laughs and holds up a chard piece of bacon.

"Oh, so now you think there will be the next time," I smirk.

"If you are wearing just one of my t-shirts and nothing else it is safe to say there will be."

My face burns and turns a light red color. The effect this boy has on me is crazy.

"Okay continue burning the bacon. I am going to go get dressed and put on a shirt please," I smile and hop off the counter.

"I don't think so," he laughs.

I quickly go to my closet and debate on what to wear. I decide to go with leggings and a simple oversized t-shirt. Once I am ready and my hair is pin straight I start walking towards the kitchen. Liam is pouring a glass of orange juice by now and two plates lay in front of him. On them are waffles, bacon, and fresh strawberries.

"This looks amazing," I say while licking my lips and sitting down on a bar stool.

Liam immediately places a plate full of the marvelous food and I dig in. The bacon is the first to go and next goes the waffle. Whenever I eat anything it is important to keep the best for last. In this case, the strawberries are the best. I always do this whether it is a burger and fries and in that case that burger goes first with the fries last. I decide to look at Liam and he has already eaten his whole plate.

"Any plans for today?" I ask while biting a strawberry in half.

"The guys and I have suit shopping. I just wanted to see you this morning and hand you these."

He points to a vase filled with the most beautiful red roses. How did I not notice? These are my favorite and I intend on having millions of them at the wedding.

"Thank you and have fun. I love you," I say before he gets up and places a kiss on my forehead then walks out the door.

Now, what will I do with myself? I could clean, but I'm just not in the spotless mood today.

There are two people that I can think of that I could hang out with. The first one being Spencer, but I don't want to explore those waters today and the other one being Tori. Saying Tori is my safest bet I quickly pull out my phone and dial her number.

"Hello," a very deep voice answers. It didn't sound like the voice of my best friend let alone a girl.

"Who is this?"

"Grayson. Tori is currently in the shower. Can I take a message?" He asks.

"Yeah just tell her to call me back," I respond and hang up.

Holy shit. What is she getting herself into with him? Believe it or not, but Tori is a very closed off person and doesn't like to open up. Sex is at the very bottom of her list at the moment, but from the sound of that maybe her and Grayson...

I need to stop thinking about my friend's sexual lifestyle. It's disgusting. Just when I finished cleaning the kitchen my phone lit up with a picture of Tori.


"Hey, sorry about that earlier," she apologizes.

"It's okay. I don't need any details," I laugh into the phone.

"Anyways," she pauses. "What do you need?"

"I was just calling to see if you wanted to meet up or come to my house. I'm bored since Liam left and I don't know what to do."

"I'll be over there very soon," she replies before there is laughing on the other end of the phone and she hangs up. I don't want to know what those two people are doing. In my head, I think the worst.


About an hour later Tori shows up. The first thing she tells me is she doesn't have long since she and Grayson will be going to a bonfire. She insists I go with, but I'm not in the mood to leave the house. It is kind of one of those days that everything feels gloomy in the world and nothing sounds better than a movie and ice cream.

"Come on, it will be fun," she cajoles and stands in front of my amazing flat screen.

"Will Taylor Lautner be there?" I ask.

"No," she says in a confused voice.

"Then it won't be fun," I sigh and she huffs and throws a pillow at me.

"Come on there will be chocolate and the ocean will be so pretty."

"If I say yes because clearly, you won't leave me alone, you have to pay for our next meal at Cal's Café."

"Deal!" She shouts.

As soon as we get to the beach you can see the light the flames give off, but the fire isn't the only thing heating the air. He is here. I know it. I can feel it. Just on cue, our eyes meet. His are a deep green with the flames lighting them up.

"You didn't tell me he would be here," I mumble to Tori and turn my head away, disconnecting our eyes.

"I didn't think it was necessary." She shrugs and begins to walk towards the fire.

I sit down beside her as she sits beside Grayson. Spencer is sitting beside Grayson and even though we have no walls closing us in, it feels claustrophobic. Why does he have to affect me like this? Just when I didn't think it could get any worse he gets up to get sticks to roast and sits right by me.


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