Chapter Ten

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The sky is rumbling or so I think. I can't tell if it is my heart making those extremely loud thumping noises or a very upset sky. Does Brooklyn hear it? It is echoing through my ears so loudly. I didn't even know how tense I was before she got here and I finally relaxed. It was as if there was an electric current that was going through the air. Did she feel it too? She must of. It was way too strong to ignore.

Once I sit down and greet her she says nothing. I just give her the stick we were using to roast the marshmallows. Not one word is uttered between us and I don't like it. She is trying to fight whatever she feels. I can feel and see it. Maybe I said something the night I got drunk. All I can remember is a god awful smelling girl and Brooklyn coming to pick me up. Of course, my stupid mouth got me into some trouble again.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" I whisper in her ear.

Brooklyn nods and stands up. Then, she begins to make her way down the beach. I don't move and stand puzzled at how fast she is walking, but I catch her is a couple of strides.

"So, how is everything going," I ask. The air between us is awkward and it makes me further question what I said.

"Good. How are you?" Brooklyn whispers silently while still walking away as she keeps a good distance between us.

"Not too bad. My dad is out of the hospital, which is great. The doctors said they didn't find the tumor they thought he had. It has probably been the highlight of my stay here. How is your father?"

"I haven't seen him in a while. It's been about two months. More than likely he is getting drunk at a bar and doing god knows what with younger people."

I sense that she has a hard time talking about her father. When we were together Brooklyn was very close to her father. I met him a few times and he was a very successful man. They owned a small café and made a good living. The West family was a dream family that everyone wanted. They came together for dinner every night and never went to bed angry at one another.

"So, what about that café you guys owned back in South Carolina?" I ask.

"He sold it to buy drugs and alcohol. Must have got a lot of money for it since he hasn't messaged me about money." She shrugs

I have been so transfixed on our conversation that I haven't even noticed the broken down dock that sat right in front of us. The moments we shared here come rushing back. Brooklyn and I would always go here when we want an escape. Also may have been one of our secrets make-out spots. This brings back so many memories.

"Remember when I threw you off the dock," I laughed.

"Yeah and how I got cut by a nail and had to get a tetanus shot. How could I forget?" She laughs. Her laugh is so light and vibrant. It changes the feeling of the conversation to light and playful.

"Let's sit down." I grab her hand and begin to jog towards the dock. I forgot how foreign her touch felt and now that our hands are connected it feels as if a piece to the puzzle fell into place.

We get to the broken down scratched up wood and sit. The distance between us disappears as we sit with our thighs touching.

"I wonder if our initials are still here," Brooklyn whispers.

Sure enough in a post to our right, the neatly carved letters of S&B decorate the wood. Brooklyn outlines the letters with her finger and mumbles something so faint I couldn't hear. Did she miss us? Oh, I hope she did because right now all I want to do is pull her lips to mine and remember what was lost the moment I left.

"So have you heard from Claire recently?" She asks and I stiffen at her name.

"No, not verbally. I have heard that she is around the area though, but I don't know how true that is since she hasn't made an appearance," I say as I look out to the ocean.

Brooklyn lays her head on my shoulder and I instantly relax. The way her touch soothes me is crazy. I wish we could stay like this forever without moving or talking. Just Brooklyn resting her head on my shoulder while we listen and hear the sound of waves crashing.

"I need to tell you something." She lifts her head off my shoulder and her eyes turn cold. It almost resembled fear. Then, I see the tremble of her body. She's freezing.

"Here. Take this," I say while lifting the hoodie I was wearing off over my head.

"Are you sure, I don't want you to be cold," she whispers in a soft voice.

I nodded a reply and she swiftly pulls it over her head. I can't tell if it is the warmth from my hoodie or if she is blushing, but her cheeks turn a light red.


"Oh, nothing I forgot how good you look in my clothes. Anyways, what did you want to tell me?" I ask.

"We should probably head back before people think we got eaten by sharks," Brooklyn mumbles and gets up.

I don't get it. Ten minutes ago we were reveling in the memories, but now it feels distant. What changed?

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