Chapter XXVII

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"By the way, I'm Im Nayeon."

"Nice to meet you, Nayeon." Mina said and did a hand shake with her.

"Hey, Mina. I need to go now, my family wouldn't like it if I'll be late." Jisoo said. Seeing Nayeon just suffocates her.

"Let's go, I'll drive you there." Mina politely said.

"Thank you but I'll just go with myself, 'kay? I'll text you when I get there. Bye."She said and kissed Mina on her cheek.

She then sets her eyes on Nayeon.

"Bye, Nayeon." She smirked.


"Have you checked your outfit for my wedding?" Seulgi asked Jennie.

They're now having a dinner at a Japanese restaurant as the older girl was craving some sushi.

"Not yet." Jennie said. Suddenly her phone rings. It was from an unknown number. She frowned guessing who might the caller be.

"Excuse me, I'll just answer this call." She excused herself and answered the call.

"Hello, Who's this?" Jennie asked.

"It's been a long, Jennie." The person on call said seductively.

And by that voice, Jennie automatically recognized who it was from. That voice gave her shiver, in a bad way.

"Where the fuck did you get my number?" Jennie had her teeth gritted.

"I have connections, sweety. I saw your ex girlfriend today looking so lovey dovey with my new neighbour. Would that mean I can have you again? I missed you" Nayeon said making Jennie slowly losing her temper.

"I don't care. Please, don't try to ruin my life again. I'm just starting to compromise things with Jisoo. So, leave me alone. And don't call me again." Jennie said.

"Oh, still inlove with that girl. What a great lover you are. If I can't have you then I won't let Jisoo to have you too." Nayeon chuckled devishly.

"If you ever go near around Jisoo or touch her or do something to her, I promise I'll kill you with my bare hands." Jennie said angrily.

"Goodluck." And with that Jennie ended the call. She doesn't have appetite now to eat. Nayeon literally ruined her mood and her day.

"Who called you?" Seulgi asked noticing how Jennie's mood change.

"It was Nayeon. That bitch." Jennie hissed.


"Jisoo, enjoy your remaining days on this world." Nayeon laughed looking like a crazy witch.

Obsession really makes you do crazy things.


Morning came, Jennie got her ass up and went straight to her bathroom. She brushed her teeth, took a bath and changed into a sweatpants and a sweater. She's planning to go to Jisoo's house and invite her to bike around at the park.

She used her pickup and brough two bicycles. She borrowed one from Seulgi. After a few minutes of driving, she arrived at the Kim's residence. She pressed the doorbell and waited infront of the gate.

"Good Morning, uncle." Jennie said when Jisoo's dad opened the gate for her.

"Oh, it's Jennie. Good morning, dear. Come on, let's head inside." He said.

"Good morning, aunt." Jennie greeted Jisoo's mom.

"Call me mom. You used to call me that. Good morning, too, dear." Mrs. Kim smiled.

"I know you went here because of my daughter. She's at the garden." Mr. Kim said.

"Thank you, uncle." Jennie said and went to the backyard where the garden was located.

There she saw Jisoo talking to the plants and taking a picture of them. Jennie carefully went behind Jisoo without the older girl noticing it.

"Nyeong an, flowers. Still blooming as ever, aye? Ppong!" Jennie's containg herself from laughing at Jisoo's actions.

She covered Jisoo's eyes with her two hands. Jisoo was startled and guessed, "Mina?"

Jennie removed her hand a bit hurt but she can't blame Jisoo though. Jisoo turned around and to see the girl.

"Jennie? Sorry, I thought it's Mina. Good morning." Jisoo said awkwardly.

"No it's okay. Uh, Good morning. I'm here to ask you if you'd like to bike around the area? I brought bicycles." Jennie smiled shyly.

Jisoo smiled at Jennie's little gesture.

"Sure, I'd love to. Wait me outside, I'll just change." Jisoo said and went to her room. Before Jennie walked her way out, she went to Jisoo's parents first.

She's now done bringing down the bikes and Jisoo also went to her. Jisoo styled up her hair into a ponytail.

"Let's go!" Jisoo excitedly shout. She's like a five-year old kid who rides a bike for the first time.

"Be careful." Jennie said.

They happily roamed around the area. They also challenged each other to race. Of course, Jennie let Jisoo win. Whipped.

"You have to treat me some pancakes. You lose." Jisoo said.

"Okay, breakfast is on me. Let's go." Jennie said as they continued to paddle on their bike. They arrived to the nearest pancake house.

"Good morning, ladies." The guard greeted them. The went to a spot in the corner and sitted there.

Waiter came to them and took their orders.

"Two stacks of pancakes with strawberry and milk flavoured ice cream on top and iced coffee for me, please." Jennie said.

"Four stacks of pancakes with banana and choco syrup and vanilla ice cream on top. And iced choco for me, thank you." Jisoo said.

"You sure you can eat all that?" Jennie said looking at Jisoo amused.

"It's a free breakfast, I should take advantage on it." Jisoo chuckled.

"I want this kind of morning everday. With you, Jisoo."


I think this book would end soon. Maybe on Chapter 30 or I don't know.
Please look forward in the remaining chapters :)

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