Eli & Aeryn: Thirty

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A: "I think yesterday went pretty well."

E: "Yeah, your dad seemed to like me. After he finished staring me down."

A: "Er, yeah. He does that to people."

E: "Did he say anything about me afterwards?"

A: "He said 'that Eli is a nice boy. He's good for you'."

E: "Nice imitation voice, sounds just like him."

A: "I've been practicing."

E: "But I'm glad he likes me."

A: "I can't say the same for me about your dad."

E: "Yeah, sorry about that."

A: "What was it he said to me? Oh, yeah, 'I hope you can cook Aeryn, that is the woman's job after all and my son is a growing lad'. What an asshole."

E: "You held your tongue pretty well though. It's surprising he didn't melt under your glare though, that was terrifying to see."

A: "I'm glad I don't have to-"


A: "What?"

E: "Aeryn, look, ice cream!"

A: "It's Winter, Eli!"

E: "Ice cream is always in season. I'm getting one, wait here."

A: "Okay."

E: "..."

A: "You bought two, you're so greedy."

E: "Your low expectations of me hurt my soul. This one's for you!"

A: "Oh, thank you!"

E: "I got your favourite flavour as well."

A: "How did you know strawberry is my favourite flavour?"

E: "I asked you ages ago what your favourite ice cream flavour is."

A: "Oh yeah. Back when you were asking me loads of pointless questions."

E: "Not pointless."

A: "How did you remember anyway?"

E: "I remember things that are important to me."

A: "My favourite ice cream flavour isn't important."

E: "But you're important to me, and it's your favourite flavour, therefore it is important to me."

A: "I'm - you're important to me too."

E: "Well, that's obvious."

A: "You're such a-"

E: "You don't have time to insult me, your ice cream will melt."

A: "No it won't, it's Winter!"

E: "Irrelevant."


Got the ice cream idea from @The_Writing_Dreamer, although I changed the context. :P

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