Time traveler

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Year 3035

All around me people are talking, whispering. I don't follow the conversation. I want to move my body but i'm not able to do it, my head is pounding because of pain, I start to panic. What is wrong with me? I try to open my eyes but fail.

''Number 1190 is conscious,'' I'm unable to distinguish it from a male or female voice. ''It wouldn't take long now.'' The voice continued.

I don't feel my body, I try to scream but my lips don't separate. I try to open my eyes for the second time and this time with success. The bright light attacked me causing me to squeeze my eyes shut. 

''1190 is awake.'' Says the voice I heard earlier. This is not good. Flashbacks return and I remember getting an injection, I struggled against it but with no luck. I haven't slept long, have I? I look down at my body. In my arms are needles with tubes, I follow the tubes which lead to a great device right next to me.

''Hello, 1190. You have been asleep for a century. Welcome back again, we are happy to have you back.'' Says a voice, I turn my head left and looked into dark brown eyes. A century? and what does he mean with 'again'? That isn't possible, I remember everything from the moment the 'killers' killed my parents to the moment I hugged my brother for the last time before I went to sleep, like it happened yesterday. My brother, Oliver. What happened to him? Where is he?

''What is happening to me? I don't feel my body.'' I say. I take a look at the human who is standing next to me, to be exact it's a boy. He has long blonde curly hair till his shoulders. He has a smile on his face and his cheeks are full. My eyes glides to his body, from what I can see, he is wearing a white outfit, really basic. I expected humans to look different in the future. ''Where is my brother?'' I ask.

''I can't give you information about other travelers. The only thing I can tell you is that you need to take a rest, your body needs rest.'' The boy says. Why do I need rest? I have slept for a thousand years. I notice the boy is wearing a name card on his chest, I squeeze my eyes to see the small writing better.

''I'm number 450, nice to meet you.'' He says, noticing me staring. I look around me and I notice a couple of 40, no, 80 other people sleeping in weird machines, I can't even tell what they are.

Wait.. ''Your name is number 450?" I ask, did they run out of names in the future? The boy makes a sound that's between a sniff and a laugh before he walks away without saying anything. I don't think this is funny at all. I lost my brother and I don't even know where I'm. This might be all a joke, what did the person say again? 'number 1190 is awake'. What if i'm number 1190?

I feel the blood in my body flowing and my head doesn't hurt as much as it did a couple of minutes ago. I try to push myself up using my arms. I'm wearing a white dress just like all the white things in this room and i'm sitting in a weird machine, everyone is asleep around me or seems asleep expect me. Where are the killers? and I need to find my little brother, I know he wants me to be there when he wakes up.

The doors open and the same boy is walking into the room but this time he is not alone, an older woman is next to him.

''1190, your body is way to weak to sit or stand.'' The older woman says. She walks through my direction. ''But it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm number 190.''

"I don't think you understand..'' I say. ''My name is Olivia Grace, I slept for a long time so please don't tell me what I can do and what I can't. I need to go to my brother.'' While these words are leaving my mouth I'm pulling the needles out of my arms. The boy, number 450 and the older woman, number 190 are looking shocked at me.

''You don't remember anything what happened, do you?'' She asks. I frown, what is she talking about? ''The fucking only thing I need to remember is that I promised my brother that we will meet again.'' I say.

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