Chapter 16

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"I-Is it even safe to go in?" I warily ask Luna.

"I went up two years ago, and it was fine." She shrugs.

Could rats chew through wires in the span of two years? Yes the fuck they could, but nevertheless, I find myself sauntering in after Luna, who's already inspecting the panel inside.

I look at the panel strangely. "Why are the numbers in Roman numerals?"

"I didn't engineer this, Sunshine." She presses 'X' and the doors close.

I stick my tongue out. "Moonshi-"

The elevator jolts upward, rusty metal scratching against itself. A horrible screeching sounds from the elevator, and it starts shaking.

I look at Luna helplessly. She just gives a quick wink and returns to adjusting her jacket.

The elevator stops making that horrendous noise, and we begin to steadily move upwards.

I sigh, though my heart is still rapidly beating. "Where were you while I was gone?"

She turns away with a scowl. "I went and got measured for my wedding tux. Where were you?"

"I... got coffee." I realize how selfish that sounds, but it's the truth. Half of it, anyway.

The vibe feels unfriendly, so I just remain silent for a bit.


The doors open and both of us are submerged in darkness. The only thing I can make out is some sort of... wall blocking the upper half of the door.

"What's going on?!" I whisper.

"We're almost there. Follow me." Luna gets on all fours and crawls through the elevator door.

I barely can see anything, so I hold onto Luna's foot as we crawl.

She stops crawling. I hear her shifting and sliding something above, and then a square of light appears.

"Okay, I've opened the latch door. Let's go." Luna smiles and then quickly disappears through the door.

Damn, she doesn't wait for anyone, I think as I struggle to get my short self through the ceiling door.

Luna is already lying down on the tiled roof, looking wistfully at the stars.

Her short hair still blows with the wind, icy eyes seeming galactic. That's when I realize; her eyes are reflecting it.

So I lay down next to her, and take a look as well.


I feel lucky to witness the night sky tonight.

The stars are clear, the inky colors mix together, and swirls of clouds balance the darkness.

The stars are clear, the inky colors mix together, and swirls of clouds balance the darkness

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