Shimmering Purple Jewels

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

Tsukiko stared at the person before her, silent tears delicately dancing down her checks. The water shined like little stars and when it fell off her face it disappeared into dust, flowing with the wind and exiting the open door. 

Mystogan stared at the girl before him, shocked and yet happy at the same time. Relief flooded his system as he saw the being he cherished most sitting before him. The only reason he didn't take longer jobs was because of this girl, he cared for her to such extremes that he would give his life to save her. 

Tsukiko engulfed the boy in a hug, holding onto him so tight, scared that he would just leave for ages again. He was only a wizard, and she feared for his life every time he left on a job. Being worried about someone she was this close to was only natural to her, having lost many people beforehand. 

"I was worried about you silly. I thought something had happened when you weren't here?" Tsukiko looked at the masked face and smiled. Her grip loosened but stay tight, she stepped back but still held him, planning to not let go anytime soon. 

The boy stared at the smaller girl, she only came up to his chest. For such a strong person she was rather short. He was upset when she let go of him, not wanting the moment to end. The girl before him was special, in so many ways and he admired all of them, holding her close and smiling behind his mask. 

They stared at each other for what seemed like ages before she let out a giggle, only small, but it caused a larger smile to cover Mystogan's face. 

"My job was boring without my big brother around! I had no one to laugh or play with my powers with. It was super long as well." Tsukiko whined, leaning on her brother's chest. 

"Sorry Puddin', but the job I was told to do had to be done." he rubbed her head and she snuggled into him even more.

"Couldn't you have taken me with you?" she pondered, her small voice being the only sound heard in the building. 

"I could have, but a certain group was there. It would have been too dangerous to take you with me." his reply was quiet but seemed to resound around the building. 

"They were?" her voice seemed to shrink even more, going quieter and quieter till there was nothing left. Tsukiko had no reason in Earth Land to be scared, but this scared her. They were here and that was never good. It was her test time again, and this often led to mass destruction. The group normally bring her in, why were they here. It couldn't be that important right?

No matter how much Tsukiko tried, she just couldn't seem to push the thought out of her mind, had something happened to them, had she done something wrong? They raced through her mind, a million miles per hours, thought after thought blurring her sight and dulling her hearing. 

Mystogan was starting to get worried about his sister figure and started to shake her gently, intending not to hurt her but break her out of whatever trance she had got into. Her eyes were clouded and she seemed to be in another world or state of mind.

Tsukiko was lost in thought, riding the endless stream of possibilities was dangerous, even for her. The mere thought of her friends in even the slightest bit of danger haunted her and this group took pleasure in that. 

Tsukiko finally got out of her state and stared at her hands. Around her, the guild members started to wake up and one by one they stared at the sight before them. Mystogen was back and he was hugging Tsukiko, that was a sight that was rarely seen.

Lucy stared on in even more shock, Mystogen, one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail was standing before her, seemingly infatuated with Tsukiko. 

"Brother, I'm scared." Lucy couldn't be even more shocked, they were related

Ezra, who was no next to Lucy said. "Before you ask, they are not related by blood, but by another bond." 

This did nothing to help the confusion that flooded Lucy's being, in fact, it caused even more. This was simply too much for the blonde beauty and her head was starting to hurt a little. No one else seemed even the slightest bit bothered by Mystogens return, but more interested in Tsukiko's and his interaction. 

They walked to an excluded bench and shared hushed words, very hushed words because even Natsu seemed to have trouble hearing them and he was a Dragon Slayer! Luch stared on in wonder and tried to lip read what was being shared between the two, but ultimately failed. 

Lucy just decided that it was probably best to ignore the two for now, rather than trying to figure out what was being said. It was probably for the best as well that they had some privacy if they wanted it, but knowing Natsu and Grey it was very unlikely. 

When Lucy looked over to Grey she could see that he respected Tsukiko's privacy and he seemed too worried about her to worry about what they were saying. Natsu on the other hand, looked all too interested in the conversation between the two and Lucy decided that maybe it was best if she distracted him. 

"Hey, Natsu! Could you help me with finding a job?" Natsu's head shot up in no time and he practically flew over to where she was standing. 

"Sure Luce, whatcha looking for?" the duo started looking for a job request. 

"Maybe some action, the last few jobs have been pretty boring?" Natsu, who was already ready for some action, agreed entirely and they started to read the job requests, searching for the best one. 

Erza, who was talking to Grey at the time decided to join Lucy and Natsu on their job hunt and helped look for a mission, running low on jewels anyway. Grey who was just bored needed something to amuse him, plus the worry for Tsukiko would give him extra strength and that would make him beat Natsu, and that seemed like a pretty good idea. 

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