Eli & Aeryn: Thirty One

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Before you read, please take a look at the drawing on the side and appreciate how absolutely amazing it is.  It's by @JollyMcSprinkles, and I love it so much. It's from part thirty with the ice cream and aww, it's just so good. Please tell her how great she is, because I can't enough. ^-^

The general idea for this chapter came from @heyimjessay, thank you!


A: "Um, Eli?"

E: "Yeah?"

A: "I have a question."

E: "Yeah?"

A: "Someone asked me to, um, to go to the cinema with them, and then somewhere for dinner."

E: "Your tone suggests that nothing like this could ever happen to you. People ask other people to meet up with them, y'know."

A: "No, it's just, I don't know whether they think it's a...a date."

E: "...a boy asked you out?"

A: "Yeah."

E: "Who?"

A: "Caspar."

E: "Caspar."

A: "Are you alright?"

E: "We talked about this."

A: "You talked about what?"

E: "Nothing, I'm just - I need to go find him, see you later, Aeryn."

A: "Er, okay."

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