Final Chapter

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a/n: as what i said yesterday, here's the final chap. enjoy!

5 months later

The blue sky filled with clouds, the birds happily chirping and grass swaying so gracefully. The place is one of the most silent places. 'Cause majority are people who were once lived in this world but their time passed, and now living peacefully six feet under the ground.

The two girls finally found the name they've been searching on. First, they put the flowers they bought in her grave and lighting up a candle.

"It's been a while.", the girl sighed. Preventing herself from crying as she remembered her deceased loved one.

The other girl just stayed beside her and rubbed her back.

"Sorry if I only visited you now. I was hurt to know you passed away. It took me time to accept what happened. Because of you, I'm still here, breathing.", she sobbed.

"As the cliché saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Thank you and I love you. Soon, I'll fall in love with someone but no one can fill up your part in me. Goodbye, my angel."

The girl wiped away her tears. She looked to the othe girl and hugged her.

"Thank you for accompanying me today.", she said.

"No worries. I'm happy to finally met Son Chaeyoung." Jisoo said and hugged Mina thighter.

"Until next time, tiger cub." Mina said and started walking, making their way out.

They stopped on their track when Jisoo's phone rang. It was Jennie.

"Hello, Jennie." Jisoo said.

"Excuse me, ma'am. But I'm a nurse from hospital. Your friend is currently admitted here. I called you because you're number is on her speed dial. Sorry to tell you but she's unconscious.", the nurse said on the other line.

Jisoo got startled so Mina took her phone and conversed with the nurse for more information.

"C'mon. We need to hurry. Jennie needs us." Mina said and grabbed Jisoo's cold hands.

They're at the US right now having a vacation. What happened five months ago was not that bad. Jennie successfully saved Jisoo from the almost accident caused by Nayeon. They only got bruises because of the hard pull Jennie exerted. Jennie took the case against Nayeon for an attempted murder.

"What happend to that girl? I thought she'll come to us to visit Chaeyoung but she got herself to an accident instead." Jisoo mumbled.

"Can you go faster?" she requested.

"No, we might get ourselves into an accident also. Let's just keep calm and hope nothing's serious." Mina said and continues to drive.

"Jennie, please, be safe. We didn't even get back together yet." Jisoo getting teary eyed.

The moment they were in hospital, Jisoo hurriedly went inside. Not wasting any minute.

"What's her room number?" She asked from Mina.

"888." Mina said. They went to the elevator and after a couple of minutes, they're now infront of the room.

Jisoo sighed deeply before twisting the door knob. When she opened the door, she frowned. No one was there. No sign of Jennie.

"Mina are you sure it's 888?" She asked worriedly.

"Yes, I'll just check it out." Mina said.

Jisoo just sit on the room's couch. She placed hands on her face. Praying for Jennie's sake.

When she heard a clicking sound, she noticed the lights went out.

Glow in the dark stars filled the room's ceiling and there's something written on the room's wall.

"Will you stargaze with me, again, every night?" that's what written on the ceiling. It's made by a glow in the dark thing also.

Her worries turned into pure bliss when she finally absorbed what's going on. A second later, Jennie came out in the comfort room. She was hiding there the whole time.

"Surprise?" Jennie smiled nervously. She handed a bouquet of sunflowers to Jisoo.

Jennie saddened when Jisoo didn't accept the flowers but was surprised when she got a tight hug from Jisoo instead.

"You made me worried sick. I hate you." Jisoo cried.

"It's part of the plan." Jennie smiled and looked at her. Jisoo pulled away from the hug.

"I was stupid for what I did on you way back. Please, know that I was really sorry for it and I promise not to do it again. I love you so much, Jisoo. I will not let you go this time. Not again. So-"

Jennie was cut off when Jisoo stole a kiss from her.

"Let's skip the talking. We'll save it during our wedding, soon." Jisoo clings on Jennie's shoulder and initiate the kiss. Their lips move passionately. No one wants to end it but they're running out of oxygen.

"I love you so much, babe." Jennie said while their forehead is still attached together.

"I love you, too, my attorney." Jisoo leaned again for another kiss. Both really not minding they're in a hospital room.

But I know I was happier with you

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