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I walked into my house and through my jacket on the floor. Another relationship over.

I flobbed down on the couch and turned on the tv.

Of course once again it was over. What was even better? Its Valentines day. The day where no one should be lonely and such. Yet once again I was. The only person I had was my bartender only problem? He was married. Not saying id marry him but id probably be a bit more personal. Every boy ive ever been with always ends up leaving me. After a week of dating they just randomly disappear and tell me its over or they cheat and I find out. Expect one of the boys I dated. Our relationship lasted for a couple of years but then it ended. He ended up leaving to another country just to fulfill his dreams. He became famous. He promised to find me again. But I guess he moved on. After a month of talking with him well he was gone he eventually disappeared and I haven't talked to him since. He also ended up getting a girl friend. It was all over the news. So he really did move on. He seemed happy with her anyways now so what did it matter? Because apperntally my feelings didn't. Ive been waiting so long for him yet he never came back.

I looked over at the tv and picked up the remote. I changed to the news station and sighed.

They were covering another story on him. Not only that but they were filming him live.

"So tell us about what you and your girlfriend will be doing today?" The reported asked.

They were outside at a park. His girlfriend clung onto him and the reporter stood beside them.

"Well he set me up a perfect date and bought me a lot of stuff." She said winking at him.

He smiled at her confused but then nodded his head.

"So Jennifer there were a lot of rumors going around." The reporter spoke.

"Oh?" She asked confused.

She seemed nervous now.

"As you know there are rumors going around that your relationship with him is fake is it true?" She questioned her.

She stuck out the mic to her face and Jenny bite down on her lip.

"N-No." She stuttered.

I growled at the tv and Jenny seemdd really nervous now.

"I-I think its time we go! You have a date ready for us right?" She questioned him smiling.

She grabbed his arm and she looked at him concered. He shock his hand off and growled at Jenny.

"W-Whats wrong?" She questioned.

"Jenny I think we should end this." He sighed.

"WHAT!" She yelled.

"Why?!" She began to freak out.

"Jenny ive caught you with other guys before." He replied.

"Not only that but even you know I don't love you. I just couldn't tell you because you never gave me the chance!" He yelled.

Jennys eyes filled with tears and she slapped him across the face.

"Were on live tv." She yelled.

She stormed off and he sighed. The news reporter looked shocked and so did the people watching. He turned around and headed away from the camera. He walked away and the news reporter was so shocked that she didn't follow him. She turned back to the camera and her mouth was still dropped.

"U-Uh well that was an interview, lets get back to the station."

The camera was now rolling at the station and everyone was in shock. I looked at the tv more and rubbed my eyes.

"I don't even have any words." One of them spoke.

"Well you heard it there Jenny and-"

I shut off the tv and smiled too myself. I can't believe he never loved her. But why did it take him so long to break up with her.

I got up off the couch and walked to the door. I picked up my jacket off the floor and put it on. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. I looked up at the night sky and back down. I headed for my car and drove over to the bar.

Eventually I made it there. I parked my car out front and got out. I headed for the doors and went inside. Inside a bunch of people were dancing and acting drunk. I approched the bar and sat down.

"What can I get ya Aph?" He questioned me.

"Get me the strongest drink you got." I mumbled.

I hit my head against the table and looked up a bit. He walked up to the drinks and grabbed a bottle and a glass. He placed it down infront of me and opened up the bottle. He poured the drink in the cup and gave it over to me. I lifted up my head off the table and drank it all in one gulp. I laid my head back on the table and sighed.

"Another break up?" He questioned.

I nodded my head and he sighed.

I heard foot steps get close to me and someone pulled up a chair beside me.

"Whats a cute girl like you doing all alone on Valentines Day." A voice beside me spoke.

"Dying alone I hope." I mumbled.

I felt him grab my hair but I was way too lazy to stop him.

"What your boyfriend dumb ya?" He laughed.

"Yea.." I replied.

"Oh sorry." He spoke.

"What can I get ya Mr. Famous?" The bartender asked.

"Give me what ever you gave her and put it on my tab." He said.

The glass was put down and I yawned.

"Why'd you call h-him famous." I stuttered drunkly.

"Aph thats Aaron Lycan." He whispered in my ear.

I jumped up off my chair and fell to the floor.

"Ms are y-"


I looked up at Aaron and he bent down to the floor. He picked me up off the floor and swung me over his shoulders.

"A-Aaron p-put me down.." I replied.

"No your too drunk." He sighed.

"B-But mom." I replied.

He began to walk out of the bar and I felt my head getting light. Eventually I started to get dizzy.


I stretched and yawned as I woke up. I looked around me and noticed I wasn't in my room. I took the covers off of me and my face turned red. My clothes were off and on the floor. I bent down to the floor to pick up my clothes and the door slammed open. I jumped up and fell to the floor. Covering myself with my clothes. Aaron walked in the room and we both blushed.

"A-Aaron what happened last night." I stuttered.

He looked down at the floor and bit his lip.

"Well... uh you ended up seducing me and I just couldn't take it.." He countiuned.

My face turned red and I fell to the floor. He walked over to me and picked me up. He placed me down on the bed and covered me with blankets. He climbed on the bed and got ontop of me.

"Finally I found you." He smirked.

He bent down to my lips and I grabbed his hair. I brought him in closer and our lips clashed.

Finally he was all mine.

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