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Note from the author



Thank you all for reading and voting, especially those of you who have stuck in with me since the very beginning in November and those joining during this very loooong journey. And those of you who are reading this in the future. I love you guys so much for the reads and votes and comments, you guys are awesome!


During the summer I will be editing this. Nothing major, just the little word blips everywhere and there that you guys have seen (word isn't very reliable for that sort of thing). If you guys want to point out anything that you notice I will love ya like nothing less (except for my mother, because no one can really bear her).


The sequel!!!

I'll be posting the synopsis soon, as soon as I finalise a few details in it. But what I need is your guys help. What I need from you is find pictures kinda like the one on my cover now only instead if sunlight I want darker and instead of a girl I want a boy. So if you guys come across anything like that or have something along those lines that you want to share with me I will be eternally in you debt.

To everyone who does send me one I will dedicate a chapter of Ivory to you (unless you chose you don't want it, in which case just tell me).


I should be posting the sequel, Obsidian, near the beginning if September, but that all depends on how much I work on it between now and then. So don't quote me on any if those because it's a rough estimate. Keep checking my profile and if you have any questions don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm not completely evil.


This might be a big thing but if you guys have any ideas about what you want happen in the next book I am all ears. There's a lot of grey area at the moment and I'm sure if you guys have some ideas (such as sluts in diagonal neon green and black striped overalls, shaved head with a brand mark on their crown and forced to clean toilets {credit to susanz -see chapter 15 for comment}) I would love to hear them.

Send them to me in any way you want. Comments, message board, private messages, pigeons, a brick through my window (actually, not that one, my dad will probably kill you if you did that) any way you want. But if you do want me to add something just tell me and it shall be done.

So, thanks again for reading my story everyone. I love you all!

Peace out

PS: I might be post a story this summer. It has nothing to do with this story or genre, but if you wanna check it out I might be posting it later. The update days will be infrequent, but I think it's good so far. I'll probably post the synopsis at the same time that I post the one for Obsidian, so just keep a watchful eye out for it and I encourage you read it. 

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