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"We're supposed to be getting ready Carter. I need to get a shower," I groaned. His lips trailed up my neck, biting my skin.

I wanted to stay in bed with Carter and do exactly what he had in mind. My wolf loved the idea and I could tell Carter's wolf loved it too. Our wolves were calling for each other, making it hard to stop.

He's been insatiable lately and I can hardly keep up. I love it though. I love when he spends more time with me.

We went to bed early last night, because I was tired and I had an early morning. Carter had other ideas and he ended up keeping me awake for hours. We didn't go to bed till really early in the morning.

I had to get up early because our pack was holding a celebration today. We were celebrating the one year anniversary of the battle that happened last year.

I still thought of it as a bittersweet day. We won and the threat against our pack was gone.

The battle ended relatively fast. We outnumbered their wolves and we were better trained. Carter told me that it was fairly easy and nothing that he couldn't handle.

Alpha Callum was dead and so were the wolves who were loyal to him. I didn't care that my old alpha was dead. He threw me out of the pack and tried to kill me.

He killed my best friend, the guy who saved my life numerous times. I made it to this moment in my life because of James.

Now matter how much time has passed since his death, I never really got over it. A part of me still thinks he's going to call and I'll hear his voice again. Every once in a while, I'll call his phone to hear his voice on his answering machine. He sounds happy and it breaks my heart every time.

Because he's not here anymore.

Alpha Callum was dead and I thought that would make me feel better knowing that James was avenged. That the person who killed him was also dead.

It didn't, and it only made me remember that he was never coming back.

I knew James would want me to move on and be happy but it was hard. I missed him so much.

Some of the Imperial pack wolves had tried to run but we caught them near our border. They didn't put up a fight, all they did was try to flee from the battle once they knew they were going to lose. We captured them and took them to the pack prison.

Carter came to me after the battle and told me that my dad was mixed in with those wolves. He willingly surrendered even though he still loathed our pack. We killed his alpha and so many of his wolves.

Carter looked down on his actions since he tried to run away. He was the beta of the pack and ran away like a coward. He thought that my dad should have stayed with the pack till the very end and I did too. He was a weak man.

Carter tried not to say too much around me. He knew my relationship with my dad wasn't good but he was still my dad.

A part of me wanted to see him while he was in the prison and part of me didn't. I wanted to yell at him for everything that he had done to me.

I didn't want to reopen old wounds. He would probably hate my guts if he saw me again. I was part of the enemy pack now.

I never ever did go and see him.

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