You're Coming Home

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+Hangers of the Red Army Base+

This was the first thing Tord did when he had received the news. He had gotten on a Red Army cargo plane to America after yelling madman orders to his soldiers to get the aircraft running.

As usual, he left his parents to take care of the Main Base of operations while he is away. There was no complaint from them since they knew they should let him go in order to retrieve the other leader. Those two would hand everything while he was away. No need to worry.

The only thing he had to worry about now is the kids.

At the moment, Tord is dealing with two very complicated monster children. The little devil is glaring at him, similar to his own expression as they are have their glaring contest. While they did that, the little demon is clinging to Tord's leg like his life depended on it as he whined.

"I need to leave now you two." Tord sternly says as he still keeps his glaring contest with Torm.

"Why can't we come with you? We want to go get Tom too." Torm questions with his arms crossed over his chest.

Tomi sniffs, rubbing his face against the leg of his pants. "I wanna come too!"

Tord closes his eyes and sighs. This was not going to be easy, but he had to let the kids down easy. "We are at war, and I will be going to one of the battle camps near the front lines where the soldiers who saw Tom are. That means it's dangerous to come with me. If this was a different situation, I might have allowed your company, but now is not the time."

"But we want to come too!"

"A battlefield is no place for children," Tord remarks firmly, putting his foot down as a father figure.

Torm pouts looking up at Tord. "If you may have forgotten, we're not normal!" To emphasize his point he lets his devil features show proudly. His black horns appearing on either side of his head, blackish red ears slightly longing, devil wings coming in red to a misty black to the bottom, and a long, slim tail that waves back and forth behind him. His hands also become black with nails turning into sharp claws.

Beside him, Tomi lets his demonic features display as well. His small purple horns appearing at the hairline, small pointed purple ears on either side of his head like Torm, and darkish purple black hands with sharp claws. "We can help get mom back too!"

Tord pulls Tomi off his leg gently so he could bend down to their height. "Listen you two, I know its hard without Tom right now." He looks between the two with his good eye that isn't hidden by a patch. "The past couple of weeks have been fucking shit."

"Language." The two monster children scold him.

The leader in red chuckles and messes up both their hair. "Sorry, but I mean what I said. I'm doing this to protect the both of you from hurting yourselves. You know Tom and I the best." A soft smile taking his lips. "When it comes to the both of you, your safety comes first."


Tord rolls his eye, "Do you really want Tom to get mad when he gets his memories back. If he finds out you two hurt yourselves?"

The brothers look at each other knowingly with disappointed expressions. "No..."

Tord brings the two in a surprising hug. He wasn't the type of person to be showing too much affection, but there were times where he would shower the two kids with it when they needed it the most. "I promise I'll be back soon with Tom."

They hug him back tightly before Tord lets go to turn his back to them and enter the plane.

Torm and Tomi watch the door close up behind him, who turns around to wave back at them through the window. They wave back, soon watching the aircraft move out of the hanger. Then taking flight in the sky after going down the runway.

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