Part 1

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Murthy mansion is the residence of one of the prestigious and wealthiest families in the city. It is decorated with flowers and lights. There is a lot of hustle and bustle going on at the mansion since relatives and friends have already started gathering there. It is going to be the venue for the wedding of Mr. Murthy's only daughter, Nandini. The wedding preparations are in full swing.

        In a large grand room upstairs, a simple and beautiful girl is sitting by the window in her favorite spot. She has big and beautiful doe eyes. Her eyes are distant now, staring at the stars. She was thinking of the events which led to the wedding. She is none other than the bride, Nandini.



        There were a few weeks left for the college to get over. Nandini met her boyfriend, Arya, at their usual location behind the college. It was only a few months since they were in a relationship.

        Arya : "Nandini, in a few weeks time we will be out of college. We won't be able to meet each other daily like now. How will I stay without seeing you?"

        Nandini : "We may not be able to meet everyday, but we can still call and talk to each other. We can try to meet as often as possible."

        Arya : "I can't live without seeing you even for a single day. I have a solution for it. Let's get married as soon as our exams are over. That way we will always be together."

        Nandini : "Arya, I don't want to get married so soon. I want to pursue my education. We can get married after I finish my studies."

        Arya : "Nandini, I know how passionate you are about your education. You can continue to study even after marriage."

         Nandini was still hesitating to agree.

         Arya : "Why are you hesitating so much? Don't you want to marry me? Don't you love me any more?"

        Nandini : "It isn't like that. I haven't told my parents about us yet. Moreover, you have to find a job too."

        Arya persuaded Nandini to talk to her parents so that they can get married soon. Nandini was still hesitating, but she thought about what Arya did a few months back and agreed. Nandini always put others happiness before her own and that is what she did now too.


        Next day, Nandini approached her parents.

        Nandini : "Mom! Dad! I.. I have.. I have something to tell you."

        Mr. Murthy : "Nandini, What happened? Why are you so nervous? Come here and sit. Tell me what it is."

        Nandini explained about her and Arya.

        Mr. Murthy : "Nandini, how can you marry him? He is not the right match for you. He doesn't match our status and he is unemployed too."

        Nandini : "But dad, he loves me a lot."

        Mr. Murthy : "Love alone is not sufficient to lead a happy life. You are used to such a luxurious life. How is he even going to take care of you?"

        Nandini : "Dad, I can get myself adjusted to his lifestyle. He will start looking for a job soon. If need arises, I can work too."

        Mr. Murthy : "Nandini, it is not as easy as you think."

        After lot of discussion, Nandini managed to convince her parents. Her parents agreed on the condition that she would come to them if she faces any problem or needs any kind of help.

        Nandini was their only daughter and she was a sensitive and soft hearted girl. They didn't want her to take any drastic steps because of their denial. They didn't want to lose her at any cost.

Flashback ends...


        The day for the wedding was getting closer, but Nandini wasn't sure if she made the right decision.

        Nandini's thoughts : "I myself convinced Mom and Dad for the wedding for Arya's sake, but I don't know why I am feeling so nervous. Did I take the right decision?"

        Nandini's thoughts : "Everything is happening so fast, probably that is the reason for my nervousness. I hope everything turns out fine."

        Nandini's friend, Navya, came into her room and saw Nandini in deep thoughts. Navya started teasing Nandini.

        Navya : "Are you already day dreaming about your life after marriage?"

        Nandini : "No, I am not. I was just thinking..."

        Navya : "... about Arya."

        Navya continued to tease Nandini.

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