What Would You Like

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I went to my room and got ready for bed. I pulled my sheets back and went to get in but I was scared when my door popped open.

"Damnit Thomas what do you want." I look behind him and saw Carlos and Marco walk in.

"We are taking you out. Get dressed." I looked at all three of them.

"Your crazy right?" I laughed turning around and getting in my bed.

"Look I have to get up and see this guy tomorrow. I don't feel like going out now."

"You get her up I'll get the car ready." Carlos said walking out the door leaving me with Thomas and Marco.

"I already said I'm not going." I pulled my covers over my head and pulled them to me.

I felt my feet get grabbed and then my arms.

"WHAT THE HELL" I screamed as the boys walked me to my closet.

"PUT ME DOWN." I screamed kicking Thomas who had my feet. He dropped my feet and held his stomach.

"That's it." Marco said picking me up and throwing me into my closet. The door was closed and I was left in here. I tried to pull the door open but it wouldn't budge.

"Nope your not coming out till your done getting ready." Thomas said through the door.

"How will you know if I'm ready or not if you can't see me?" It was quite for a minute "when we open the door you better have something on or I will pick something for you to put on." Marco said making me run to my clothes. He has bad taste and I am not letting that happen.

 He has bad taste and I am not letting that happen

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I got dressed and fixed my hair a little. Walking over to the door I knocked on it.

"I'm dressed" I sighed.

The door was pulled open and I saw both Thomas and Marco smiling

"Let's go" I said walking past both of them. We went down and got into the car.

When we got to the club I didn't expect it to be this packed. Since my brothers knew the people who owned it they got us into the back. We had our own room.

"So what do you want?" Marco asked as we sat in this room with some of there friends in it.

"Um get me a beer." He walked off and left me with Carlos and Thomas.

"Well I found what I will be doing tonight." Thomas said getting up and walking over to a girl In a very short dress.

"He's a pig" I rolled my eyes as Carlos laughed.

"Hey be happy you got time away from him. He was a lot worse when he was 21."

"Carlos" a high pitched voice rang making Carlos freeze dead in his tracks.

"Fuck" He whispered making me giggle. A black haired girl that I remember from years ago walked up to him and sat on his lap.

"I have been waiting for you." She said wrapping her arm around him. She looked over to me and I saw how she was judging me.

"And who's this?" I raised my eyes at her.

"Penelope this is my little sister Audrey. Be nice" He said pulling her to him.

She smiled at me now. "Hi" She said sounding all sweet. Great to know that he can control her.

Marco came back with my drink and sat with me.

"So did you see Thomas leave with that girl. They went to the other room." Marco raised his eye brow with a smile.

"Marco come on really. I didn't need to know that." I took a big sip of my drink.

"Go easy there little one." The drink was pulled out of my hand and I looked to see Killian.

"Killian give me my drink." I hissed getting up to grab it.

He held it over his head making me jump for it. "What's the magic word?" He teased.

"Fuck you." I jumped and felt an arm go around me pulling me closer.

"I would enjoy it if you did." I looked up with my mouth open. I pushed him back and sat down.

"What's wrong? cat got your Tongue?" He said sitting down next to Carlos.

"What did you do now Killian." Carlos sighed moving his face away from the girl.

"Nothing." I hissed making Killian smile.

"I'm going to go get another drink" I said getting up and walking off. I was so mad at Killian. How dare he say something like that to me. The worst part was I felt shivers when he said it.

"You know your cute when you blush." Killian said following me thew the crowd.

"Don't follow me Killian." I said pushing past a couple making out with each other.

"Well it's not safe in here. I just want to help you." I stopped and turned back to him.

"You want to help? Leave." I went to walk away but he grabbed my arm pulling me to him.

"I will but only if you do." I ripped my arm away from him and walked to the bar.

"I'll take a shot of whiskey." I said the the bartender who turned to get it.

"How about we play a game? Never have I ever?."

"Well I'd be drunk because I'm not answering anything you give me." I said downing my drink.

"Come on. We can all play it. Me you Carlos and Marco?"

"Fine." I said making him smile.

"Can we have two bottles of whiskey and a couple glasses." Killian asked and soon we were back sitting down and playing the game.

After a while we were all drunk. I don't know why I thought this would be a good idea but we did it.

"Alright we need to go home. I'll drive." Marco said standing up and soon falling flat on his ass.

"I'll call a cab." Carlos laughed as he picked his phone up.

"Come on buddy." Carlos said helping Marco up.

"Thomas let's go." Carlos said as we walked past Thomas who was fixing his shirt as he walked out of a room.

"What but we just go here?"

"Two hours ago." Killian said as he helped me down the stairs.

"Fine Alright I'm coming."

We all got in a car together and made our way to the house.

I feel I have to say this but please do not underage drink!! I know some books have people who do that but don't. It's not smart. Ok now I'm good. Sorry

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