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Warning ⚠️ this is for 16 and up!! If you don't want to read that go to the next chapter.

"Thomas grab his legs" Carlos ordered Thomas as they tried to drag Marcos sleeping body into the house.

"He's like a bag of rocks" Thomas hissed as he tried to lift him. I giggled watching the boys drag him into the house.

"Let's get you to bed now." Killian tried to grab me but I ran to the back of the house giggling like a school girl.

"Audrey come on now is not the time." He laughed following me.

"Let's swim." I kicked off my shoes and pulled my dress off leaving me in my black lace underwear and bra.

I turned back to see Killian looking dead at me. I bit my lip and walked to the edge of the pool. I looked down into it and dove in.

I came up to the surface and looked up at Killian with puppy dog eyes.

"Screw it." He screamed kicking off his shoes and starting on the buttons on his shirt.

The next thing to go we're his pants and soon he was jumping into the pool with me. I laughed when he came up and I saw how cold he was.

"Shit if I had know that I would have never came in." He started to move around but nothing was helping with how cold it was

"Then why did you come in?" I questioned going underwater and going to swim away.

"So I could get you out." He pulled me to him and we were so close.

"Oh yeah? Or was it to be with me? Just say it. Your in LoVe with me." I giggled now the alcohol was in full effect.

"Come on let's get you out of the cold your getting delirious now."

"No not until you say it. Say that you LoVe me." I wrapped my arms around him laughing looking up at him.

Killian placed me on the edge of the pool and looked up at me.

"I love you." He said looking me dead in the eyes. In that moment I knew that I was fucked. Maybe it was the alcohol or I was just really not in it but I jumped forward and kissed him.

He wasn't all that shocked as he reacted by pulling me to him still kissing me.

"Let's get inside." He pulled away leaving me breathless. I nodded my head and we both got out. We made our way into the house keeping quiet so that no one would see us.

We ran to my room laughing and holding our clothes. I closed the door and locked it.

I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on and walked back into my room to see Killian was drying his hair.

He looked back to me and I slowly pushed the strap to my bra down a little.

I turned and walked into the bathroom and smiled knowing I had him. I went In and slid out of the rest of my clothes and stepped into the shower.

I went to grab for the shampoo but a body pushing up against me made me stop.

"Not nice Audrey." Killian hissed pushing me to turn around. He grabbed my hands and put them over my head.

He kissed me hard and I loved it. I wanted to feel him but he wouldn't let my hands go.

I felt his lips travel down to my neck sucking on my skin. I wanted him so bad right now.

"Please Killian." I said and I heard a groan come from him. He stopped the water and picked me up carrying me out to the bed.

He laid me down and looked down at me.

"Tell me now if this isn't what you want." He said seriously.

"I want you." That was all he needed. I felt his hands tangle into my hair and pull my lips to his I felt him and I jumped from the pain.

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