Part 2

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Meanwhile, a party is going on at Saxena House. Alya is celebrating her birthday with her close friends. Everyone wished her and gave her gifts. She opened the present which her boyfriend, Manik, gave her.

        Alya : "Wow! It's beautiful, and it's from my favorite jewelry brand too!"

        Manik : "But it is nothing in front of you Gorgeous!"

        Alya : "Thanks Manik. Love you!"

        Alya kissed Manik's cheek. Before Manik could reciprocate, Cabir interrupted.

        Cabir : "I don't mind even if you think that I am the third wheel (kabab me haddi), but please spare us Laila and Majnu. We don't want to be spectators to your lovey-dovey moments."

        Cabir : "Is this is how you treat your guests Alya? I am dying of hunger here and you both are enjoying (tum dono rang raliya mana rahe ho)."

        Dhruv and Mukti : "Can't you think of anything else other than eating?"

        They continued to party after dinner and spent fun time together.

        Manik is a tall and handsome young man. Alya is a model. Her modern dressing style made her appear more attractive. Their friends always complimented them that they make a perfect pair.

        Manik felt that Alya was perfect for him. He was smitten by her looks. They looked good together and had similar interests too. There were no conflicts between them so far. Manik felt that these were sufficient to lead a happy life together. He had made up his mind that Alya would be his life partner.

        Manik, Mukti, Alya, Dhruv and Cabir are close friends. Mukti is also Manik's sister.


        Next day at Murthy Mansion, Navya came running to Nandini. She was panting.

        Navya : "Nandini... come quickly. Uncle... got a call. He was talking... and then suddenly he fell and lost consciousness."

        Nandini went along with Navya to her dad.

        One of Nandini's relatives, who is a doctor, was attending to Mr. Murthy.

        Doctor : "He had a heart attack. He is out of danger now, but you have to be careful in the future. Make sure he doesn't stress himself too much, too much stress can be fatal for him."

        Later, they came to know that the call Mr. Murthy got was from his office. The stocks of the company had fallen drastically, because of which their company could incur huge losses.

        Since the wedding was in few days, everyone got back to the wedding preparations. Mr. Murthy was advised to take rest. Murthy's close relatives divided his wedding related responsibilities among themselves.

        Meanwhile, Mr. Murthy's officials looked into the company matters. It didn't take long for the news to spread and the news was greatly exaggerated. Arya came to know about it too.


        Next day, Nandini received a letter. It was from Arya. She opened the letter and started reading it. She sat down on her bed shocked.

        Mrs. Murthy came to Nandini's room and she was worried after seeing Nandini's state. She saw the letter in Nandini's hand and read it. Mrs. Murthy was shocked and her state was no different than Nandini now.

        Mrs. Murthy's close friend, Nyonika, came there looking for her. She saw both mother and daughter in tears.

        Nyonika : "What happened? Why are you both crying?"

        Mrs. Murthy was not in a position to tell anything. She gave the letter to Nyonika. Nyonika read the letter. The letter's contents were as follows :

        "Nandini, I can't marry you. I thought I can fulfill my dreams of leading a wealthy life sooner or later if I marry you, but now things have changed. I came to know that your dad's company has incurred huge losses and may go bankrupt. Marrying you wouldn't be of any use to me now. Don't try to contact me, it won't be of any use. Goodbye!"

        Mrs. Murthy was crying badly.

        Mrs. Murthy : "Nyonika, what shall I do now? What about our dignity? How will I tell Mr. Murthy about this in his current state?"

        Nyonika : "Every problem has a solution. Let's think. We will find a solution for this too."

        Mrs. Murthy : "No, Nyonika. I don't see how this can be solved."

        Nyonika thought for a while and came up with an idea.

        Nyonika : "If we find a groom who is ready to marry Nandini on the same day, then there won't be any issues."

        Mrs. Murthy : "Where will I find a groom so quickly? How can I trust someone and give Nandini's hand in marriage? Nandini trusted Arya and see what happened."

        Mrs. Murthy : "I can't think of anyone right now. Can you?"

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