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After Eric made Jillian hang above the chasm, he ordered for us to go back to the training room. He says that we will be fighting each other after lunch, which is why Four is currently showing us how to punch, kick, and use our arms to block punches.

"All right, initiates," Eric says, his voice loud and authoritative. "On the bags."

We rush to the bags and start hitting. I throw some punches, making the bag swing more than it did earlier. I glance to my right and watch Tera punch the bag, barely making it move. I look around, making sure Eric isn't near, before getting Tera's attention.

"Tera," I say, "you need to tighten your upper arm and put your whole body into your punch."

"Okay," she says, nodding. She does what I said, causing the bag to swing backward. She smiles. "Thanks."

"I don't believe I told you to stop," Eric says. I glance behind me to see him with his arms crossed across his chest and a bored look on his face. I turn around and start punching the bag, putting as much effort into it as possible. Maybe if he sees me working hard he'll leave me be.

I don't seem to have much luck today because he continues to stand there, watching me. I see him move closer out of the corner of my eye, making me uncomfortable. He stands there, not moving or saying a word.

I punch the bag for what seems like forever until Eric decides to move on and observe another initiate. I glance down at my hands, wincing when I see my bruised knuckles.

"All right," Four's voice says, "you all are dismissed for lunch. Be back in here at one. Don't be late."

I start walking toward the door and Tera falls in step with me. We make our way out of the training room, trailing behind the rest of the transfers.

"That was tiring," she says, holding out her hands. "This looks rough."

"If that small exercise tired you, maybe you should run home to the Factionless," a voice says. Jillian turns around, shooting glares at Tera and me. "Besides, I don't see how you're tired. You didn't have to run, and you didn't hang above the chasm."

"We didn't have to run because we were on time," Tera says. "Should've listened to Four."

"You're right," I say, making her eyes lock onto mine. "We didn't hang from the chasm, and you wouldn't have had to if you had kept your mouth shut."

I go to brush past her but her hand latches on my arm and she pulls me back. I yank my arm from her grip and she pulls her left hand back before sending it across my face. She stands there smirking at me while I lift my hand to feel my cheek.

Oh, she did not just do that.

I ball my hand into a fist, ready to attack her but someone yanks her away from me and slams her into the brick wall. Eric pins her to the wall with his lower arm pressing into her neck. Her hands claw at his arm and she gasps for breath.

"If you ever lay a hand on another initiate, you will regret it," he says, his voice dangerously low. "Believe me, I can make your death look like an accident." He releases her and she falls to the floor clutching her neck, trying to catch her breath.

He holds my gaze as he brushes by but doesn't utter a word to me. I watch him disappear around the corner before turning toward Tera and motioning for us to leave. She nods and we make our way to the dining hall.

My eyes scan the room before I find Raiden sitting at the same table he was at dinner yesterday. I start walking toward him with Tera right behind me. I sit down on his left and Tera sits on the left of me.

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