Part 3

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Nyonika knew a few respectable families who were in search of a bride and she contacted them.

        She got varied responses : One family had found a match already, another was not ready for a quick marriage. A third one wasn't willing after knowing Murthy's current financial status.

        Nyonika was ready to give up, but then she got a call from her son, Manik. Nyonika received the call and talked to Manik. A thought flashed in her mind.

        Nyonika's thoughts : "Why didn't I think of Manik before? I have been looking for a groom everywhere else having him at home. We haven't started looking for a girl for Manik yet, but he is of marriageable age."

        Nyonika's thoughts :  "Nandini is a good-natured girl, so she will fit perfectly into our family. If Manik agrees to marry Nandini, it will solve the issue at hand. I am sure Manik won't say no to me."

        Nyonika : "There is only one person I can think of, and that's my son Manik. I will be more than happy to have Nandini as my daughter-in-law, if you agree."

        Mrs. Murthy realized that in all this confusion she hadn't asked Nandini if she was willing to marry someone else.

        Mrs. Murthy : "Nandini, it is a matter of your dad's health and our dignity too. What do you say?"

        Mrs. Murthy looked at Nandini hoping she will agree.

        Nandini felt guilty. It was because of her, her family was in the current state. She was worried about her dad's health too. She was ready to do anything for her parents happiness.

        Nandini : "As you wish mom."

        Mrs. Murthy : "Nyonika, will your son agree?"

        Nyonika : "I will talk to him. He won't say no to me."


        Nyonika went home and talked to her family about it. Nyonika's husband, Raj, didn't have any objections. He trusted Nyonika's selection. He knew she would have thought about it well before discussing with them, but Manik wasn't ready to obey his mom as she had thought.

        It wasn't something small she was asking for. Marriage would effect his entire life and he was not ready to compromise. Mukti, Nyonika's daughter, was also against it. Nyonika had to do a lot of drama to convince Manik to agree for the wedding.


        Manik and Nandini got married following all the rituals. It was their first night and Nandini was waiting in Manik's room.

        Things had taken a drastic turn in Nandini's life. She agreed to marry Manik for her parents sake. She had met Nyonika few times earlier, but Manik was a stranger to her.

        Nandini's thoughts : "We both don't know anything about each other. We haven't even met once before. I need some time to adjust before we proceed further, how do I tell him about it. If he is as considerate as his mom, he may be able to understand my situation."

        She was tensed and nervous as to how to put it across to him and how he would react to her request.

        The door opened and Manik came in. She prepared herself mentally to talk to him, but before she could speak anything, Manik spoke.

        Manik : "Let me make one thing clear to you. Don't expect anything from me as a husband. This marriage doesn't mean anything to me. I was forced to marry you for mom's sake, to keep her happy. I have a girlfriend and I have decided that only she is going to be my life partner. So I want a divorce from you soon."



        Nyonika explained that the groom had backed out of marriage and asked Manik to marry her friend's daughter.

        Manik : "Mom, How do you expect me to marry a stranger all of a sudden? I can't marry her. It is not a small thing you are asking for, it is a matter of my whole life. I am not ready to marry and spend my life with someone I don't even know."

        Nyonika : "You can know her after marriage too. I and Raj didn't know each other before we got married, we are happy together now."

        Manik : "It might have worked fine during your time, but times have changed now."

        Nyonika : "Manik, if you marry Nandini, it will save their family's dignity. She is a very nice girl and I feel she is perfect for our family."

        Manik : "Mom, Why are you making me a scape goat to save their dignity? She may be perfect as your daughter-in-law since you like her, but I am sure she is definitely not the kind of girl I would like."

Flashback continues...

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