Part 4

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Flashback contd....

Nyonika didn't think that it would be so hard to convince Manik for the marriage. She thought Manik would obey her as usual.

        Nyonika : "I have already told my friend that you wouldn't say no to me. Please agree for my sake!

        Manik : "Sorry Mom! I can't obey you in this matter."

        Manik either obeyed Nyonika or at least pretended to obey her, but he would manage to get things done the way he wanted without Nyonika's knowledge. It was not possible to do so in this case.

        Nyonika continued to convince Manik. Manik figured out that his mom is not going to let him go, so he blurted out the truth.

        Manik : "Mom, I already have someone else in my life and I will marry only her."

        Manik told her about Alya. Nyonika was shocked and didn't speak anything.

        Nyonika knew Alya since she was Mukti and Manik's friend. Alya was a very modern girl. Nyonika was fine with Alya being their friend, but she wasn't ready to accept her as her daughter-in-law.

        After hearing about Alya, Nyonika's resolution to get Manik married to Nandini became more stronger.

        Nyonika's thoughts : "I can't let him marry Alya and bring her home. She won't fit well into our family."

        Nyonika's thoughts : "I have to convince Manik to marry Nandini, but it is not going to be an easy task. What can be done so that he agrees?"


        Nyonika thought about it and came up with a plan. She felt that once the wedding takes place, everything will turn out fine with time. Nyonika tried to convince Manik again and as expected he didn't budge from his decision. She pretended to fall down and lose conscious. 

        When she didn't gain consciousness, Manik called their family doctor. Nyonika had already discussed her plan with her family doctor. 

        Doctor : "She lost consciousness because of too much stress. It looks like she was worried about something. She should be up soon, but you will have to make sure she avoids any kind of stress. Too much stress is not good for her, it may prove fatal. If possible, try to figure out what is bothering her and try to fix it."

        Manik loved his mom a lot. He felt he was responsible for his mom's current condition. She was stressed out because he didn't listen to her. He didn't want to lose his mom. 

Seeing her still not waking up,

        Manik : "Mom, I can't see you like this. Please get up. I will do as you say."

        Seeing her plan working, after a few minutes Nyonika pretended to have gained consciousness.


        If Nyonika is the drama queen, Manik was her son, he was no less. Manik agreed for the wedding to keep Nyonika happy for now, but he wasn't ready to let go of Alya, so he made his own plans.

        Manik met Alya and explained his situation.

        Alya : "If you marry her, then what about us?"

        Manik : "Don't worry Alya. Right now, I don't have much time to figure out any other alternative to get out of this marriage. But I will figure out a way to get that girl out of my life as soon as possible. I will convince mom too. I need some time, I will make sure everything works out fine for us."

        Alya was okay with it after Manik's assurance.

Flashback ends...


        Nandini was shocked hearing Manik's words. She was planning to request him for sometime, but Manik had asked for freedom from their relationship forever.

        Manik didn't bother to wait for Nandini's response. He changed his dress and went to sleep immediately.

        All the troubles had invaded Nandini's life at the same time - Company's loss and Murthy's heart attack, Arya backing out of marriage and now Manik asking for divorce. Nandini's life had turned upside down in just a matter of few days.

        Nandini didn't know what to do. She sat on the couch and started thinking. She was more worried for her parents, especially her dad, than herself.

        Nandini's thoughts : "Dad and Mom have already been through so much in the past few days. If they come to know about the divorce now, how are they going to bear it."

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