Part 5

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Manik wanted to divorce Nandini, and Nandini was worried for her parents.

        Nandini's thoughts : "Dad and mom asked me to go to them if I face any problems, but circumstances were favorable then. I can't tell them about it now. I can't even imagine what consequences it might lead to, if they come to know about it."

        Nandini also thought about Manik. She knew how it feels to be betrayed. Arya made her believe that he loved her a lot, but he left her and her family in a vulnerable state, whereas Manik wanted divorce because he wanted to lead his life with his girlfriend. Nandini didn't want to be a burden or obstacle in anyone's life.

        Nandini's thoughts : "I, myself, am responsible for whatever happened. My one mistake has not only affected my family, but also Manik's life. He was forced to marry me, to save our dignity."

        Nandini thought about her parents as well as Manik and only one thing came to her mind. It would at least resolve her issue temporarily. She decided to talk to Manik about it the next day. She was tired after the hectic day, she drifted off to sleep sitting on the couch.


        Next day, Nandini approached Manik with her request.

        Nandini : "Yesterday, you asked for divorce, I am okay with it. I have a request though. I need some time, at least a few months, to inform my parents about it. I can't tell them immediately, because it might upset my Dad's health. Can you please not talk to my parents about it till then?"

        Manik was also in a similar situation, so he agreed.

        Manik : "I am fine with that. I don't want my parents to know about it right now too."

        Nandini : "Thank you!"


        The first few days were a little awkward for Manik and Nandini. Both were used to having their room to themselves and now they had to share it with another person.

        Once Nandini had to use the bathroom, she opened it and was about to go in. Manik was inside, luckily he had wrapped a towel around his waist. She turned around quickly.

        Nandini : "Sorry! I didn't know you were inside. It wasn't locked."

        Nandini closed the door immediately.

        Manik (to himself) : "So what if it is not locked, she could have at least knocked before barging in."

        Manik didn't have the habit of locking his bathroom door, but now he was forced to make it a habit.


        Nandini was a very organized person, but Manik wasn't. One day when Nandini entered the room, the room was in a mess.

        Nandini's thoughts : "This room looks as though a whirlwind has passed by."

        She saw Manik was frantically searching for something and that was the reason for the mess.

        Nandini : "If you tell me what you are looking for, may be I can help you search for it."

        Manik ignored her and didn't respond, but when he saw Nandini picking up his things,

        Manik (rudely) : "I am forced to share the room with you, but I didn't give you permission to touch any of my things."

        Nandini tried to avoid touching his belongings from then.


        Though Nandini agreed for the divorce, Manik felt that Nandini was responsible for his current situation. He didn't harm Nandini in any way, but he ignored her completely when they weren't around their parents.

        Manik started going to work a few days after the wedding. He also started figuring out what needs to be done to get divorce at the earliest.


        When Nandini tried to talk to Mukti, Mukti's behavior was no different than Manik.

        Mukti : "You have messed up my brother's and friend's lives. Don't interfere in mine. Stay away from me! I am forced to put up with you because of mom."


        Manik couldn't meet Alya after the wedding. So he met Alya and told her that he would be filing for a divorce soon.

        When he came home late, the second time that week, after meeting Alya,

        Nyonika : "Why are you so late? Where did you go after work?"

        Manik : "I went to meet a friend."

        Nyonika : "You are newly married, so reduce hanging out with your friends and spend time with Nandini. Stay with her at home or take her outside. She has been home all day."

        Nyonika knew it would take time for them to get adjusted, considering the situation in which they got married. They had to spend time together, if they had to know each other. Nyonika was advising Manik, but this only added fuel to Manik's hatred towards Nandini because this marriage was taking away his freedom.

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