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I walked down the road and carried my back pack over my back. It was really heavy and was slowling me down. I looked down the empty street and sighed.

It was night now. I shouldn't have gone to that party after school. I should have just gone home.

Walking into the darkness I felt a shiver go down my spine. It was dark outside very dark. I looked around me as I walked down the streets. I didn't want to get mugged or kidnapped tonight I just wanted to get home. At least I told my dad id be home late. But he didn't really care anyways.

I heard creaking noises around me and I whimpered.

I may have been the strongest in my grade for girls but what good would that due when someone was behind me with a gun to my head.

No one was out at this time of night. So I guess in away it was a good thing. If I screamed no one would hear me. How nice.

I heard more noises and I began walking a bit faster. Street lights came into view and I sighed in relief. I walked under the street lights and looked around me. I could see a few people outside now. A few boys were on the otherside of the street eyeing me.

"Hey cutie." One of them smiled.

I ignored them and kept walking.

"Hey cutie don't ignore them." He yelled.

He threw something at my ankle and I winced in pain.

I turned back to him and glared. He laughed at me and began walking over to my side of the street. I started speed walking and he called out a bit more.

I began running down the streets and I looked back. Him and a few other people were chasing after me. I ran down the sidewalk. I was close to home but I wouldn't let them know where I lived. I ran into the nearest alleyway and I heard more screaming behind me. I ran down the alley faster and faster.

I heard the footsteps begin to get further away and I stopped. I started breathing heavily and I heard noises around me. I backed up into a corner and noticed a shadow coming my way. I looked around me for an escape but there was non.

I took a deep breath in and dropped down to the floor. Covering my eyes I heard footsteps stop infront of me.

I felt something touch my hair and I jumped up. They grabbed my arm and I was thrown to the ground. I felt someone get on my back and I growled in pain. I looked back a bit and my face turned red.

A boy with white hair and emerald eyes sat on me. His hair flew in the wind and my face turned red.

Shit he was hot.

He looked down at me and licked his lips.

I tried to push him off of me but he wouldn't move.

"Get off." I growled.

"Oh please hun you don't really want me to get off do you?" He asked.

I growled at him and laid flat down on the ground.

"What do you want?" I asked him.

My heart was racing a small grin tugged on his face.

He bent down to my ear and whispered, "You."

I whimpered and he got up off of me. I sat up on the ground and he bent down to my leave.

"Whats a cutie like you doing out here?" He asked.

"Nothing." I mumbled.

He bent down to my level and looked down at my ankle. He touched it and I whimpered.

"Oh whats wrong hun." He asked.

"Nothing.." I growled.

He grabbed me by my ankle and began to twist it. I screamed in pain and he let go. I fell down onto the ground and he crept ontop of me.

"Sh." He shushed.

A ringing nose began to go off and he growled. He got up off of me and took out his phone. He answered the call and I quickly got up off the floor.

I got around him and began running out of the alleyway. I ran into the street and fell down. I growled a bit and heard footsteps begin to appraoch me. I looked up a bit and whimped as those boys from before surronded me.

I got up off the ground and they smirked at me.

"Well well what do we have here." One of them smiled.

"Get lost." I growled.

One of them grabbed my arm and I growled. I kicked one of them in the stomach and they fell to the ground. A couple of them tackled me down to the ground and I growled in pain.

They lifted me up and two of them held me by my arms. They faced me infront of a boy who seemed to be there leader.

"Oh shit your gonna be fun to fuck.." He mumbled.

I glared at him and kicked him in the face he fell back and one of them punched me in the face.

I growled and he got up off the floor. He walked over to me and took a knife out of his pocket. He pressed it against my neck and I whimpered.

"Girl if you try any tricks again ill cut you up." He yelled.

"Oh I can't wait to throw you on the ground and do you till you can't move." He laughed.

"Thats my job." A voice mumbled.

He dropped the knife down and turned around. He fell down to the ground a bullet was put in him.

A few more gun shots went off and the people holding me went crashing to the ground. I looked up and noticed the same white hair from before.

He swiftly shot every boy surronding me and stopped infront of me. He put his gun in his pocket and bent down to pick me up.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked.

I looked at him deep in the eyes and touched his face. I pulled his face into mine and captured his lips. Our lips began moving. I wrapped my legs around him and he backed up to a wall. He pinned me against it and I started to feel hot.

He bit down on my bottom lip and I opened my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance. He won of course taking the kiss on.

He slid a hand down my hip and I pulled away for a breath.

"Ill take that as a yes."

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