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Louis POV

"So... basically.. I don't know what to do anymore." I grunted as I looked at Eleanor who is now staring at me. Shocked. "Uh Lou.." she tapped the table with her index finger trying to think on what to say. "I guess.. It's your choice... I mean I don't own you.. If you feel that way about Harry, then .. I don't know.. do you wanna break up?" she gulped and stared at me with almost teary eyes. My heart felt like it almost broke. 

"El, you know I love you.. but I'm still not yet sure about my feelings. So, I'm not ready.." I held her hands that has gone flat on the table. Eleanor nodded then smiled at me. "Then I guess... we'll stay together." she stated as she chuckled. "Yep.. I guess we are." I smiled at her.

After we finished with our little 'talk' we agreed that we should have those more often. Though.. she kinda got a bit mad at me for making her cry. Which made sense, considering we never really did like fighting about .. stuff. "I love you." she whispered in my ear, and I pecked her on the lips. "Love you too El." 

Everything has been good afterwards. Well, it was until I saw him again. My heart was pounding out of my ears. How could this happen? I still love Eleanor and yet... and yet.. why is this happening!?!? "Lou?" his floppy curls whipped in my direction at once. "Oh hi.. Harry." I smiled at the lad while heading straight to my room. 

I wasn't sure what I was going to say to him. I fell like I'm going to mess up in both my relationships if I kept this up. "Louis, is something the matter?" Harry asked as he silently got in my room. "I mean.. you look fine... plump actually... but there's just something.. something that seems outta-whack"  he shrugged with a small smile looking at me.

I looked at my feet as I try to contemplate my situation. "Uh, nothings wrong." I smiled at him. Darn, I don't like lying to this boy. "You're lying." he said bluntly. My eyes bulged open and I stared out the window.

"Louis... I hate being like this.. please.. at least tell me something." he said as he put both his hands on my shoulders. I sighed and cursed to myself as I looked at his green orbs once again. "Harry we--" "Lads, are you dressed up-- Oh shit, am I interrupting something?" Niall asked as he looked at us guiltily. Harry didn't even flinch. He was and still is staring at me with his brows knitted together and a frown playing on his lips. "Well?" he asked ignoring Niall who  was now leaving awkwardly out of the door. "I had a fight with El." I lied as I stared at his forehead to make it seem like I'm making eye-contact.

Well, technically I wasn't lying.. considering we had an argument. Harry now released me as his frown now turning into a dimply smile that I'm fond of. "Alright Lou." he sighed "Thank you for telling me, and if you need help getting over it, you know where to go." he winked. "Oh you know. The fans got one thing right."

"And what was it that they got right?" he cocked his head to the side letting some of his curls fall down the side. "That Larry Stylinson exists." I whispered then headed off to the door. "Wait what!?!?" he called out as he rushes down after me. I simply stuck my tongue out in return and off to get  Nialler I go.

Harry POV

"Wait what!?!?" I called back to him but all he did was stick his tongue out at me. I stopped in mid-run. No, he couldn't have said that. No, definitely not. But then on the other hand he might have. He said Larry Stylinson exists. Maybe I'm overstating things... Maybe.. maybe he just meant it as just a friend comforting a best mate.

"UGH!" I screamed practically on the top of my lungs as I pulled on chunks of my curls. That boy is driving me nuts, I mean NUTS! But then.. that's what I like about him.. maybe I just fancy him. I can't just start developing feelings for someone who already has a girlfriend. A beautiful one at that. And plus.. they really look like they're in love with each other.

I sighed as I started getting dressed for the signing. I tried looking for my white t-shirt, but it wasn't there. "Hey Lou, wheres my t-shirt." I screamed from the top of the staircase. "Check my luggage." He confirmed, so I quickly went to his luggage.and popped it open.

Hollister aftershave suddenly whiffed on my nose. Snap, his clothes smelt like it. I can practically feel his presence within those clothes. I practically sniffed through each one... When I heard footsteps, I flinched, looked for my white t-shirt, and headed off to my room as quickly as possible.

This is stupid. It's not like me. I don't just sniff someone's clothes then practically ran outside. AGH!! Stupid Harry. This is not right, not right at all. It feels so stalker-ish. I feel like I invaded his privacy without his knowing.

Just act normal, breathe, and smile. I rushed off to this huge pre-set mirror infront of me and tried smiling, but within that skin, lies a tint of blush. I felt very well accomplished actually. I don't regret what I did. I felt like I won a billion bucks. I smelt Louis' things, and damn proud.

Maybe I might sorta.. have feelings for him.. a level above fancying him. I groaned as I once again remember that he has a girlfriend, and he is in a matter-of-fact STRAIGHT! I know I mentioned that it was just a phase, and it might be. But I guess.. maybe time will make me get rid of these ridiculous feelings of mine.

"Hey you comin Haz?" Louis called out from the tresh hold of my door. Crap, I didn't have any pants on yet. Louis eyed me and chuckled. "Um, do you plan on coming with or without boxers?' he whistled playfully at me.

I blushed a bit, and smacked him on the back of the head. "I'd do whichever you preffer." I smirked at the lad with a wink. Now, maybe it was just me, but I thought I saw a flicker of blush from that beautiful face of his. Maybe I'm wrong. But, I can dream right? right.

"Ow. Just get ready alright, we'll be leaving at 2." and, he was gone within seconds. I'm not sure how I'll be able to be rid of these of feelings, but for now, I'll play like everything is normal, while maybe do a little flirting. This might be fun.



Sorry if Haz is a little creepy on this chapter, but I'm writing stuff that has not been written by the other Larry Stylinson authors... >/////< FINE!! I just wanted to be original! Now, enjoy my embarrassing chapter. Who will Louis choose? Write down your comments. I love reading them <3

~Cam xxo

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