What can I do to make you love me?

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Harry POV

"Thank you Colorado! You've been a great crowd. Now out of all the members in One Direction, we would like to thank everybody for coming tonight." Lou waved to the crowd, and with that, our 1st concert in Colorado was done.

"Phew, that was exhausting!" I groaned as I slumpled lazily on my seat. "You said it mate." Liam sighed. "I'm hungry!! Can we eat out tonight?" Niall requested as I can clearly his stomach protesting. We all chuckled cause we all heard it, and we all agreed to do so.

It took so long for us to decide on which place to go to. "For the fifteenth time Niall, let's go to a place other than Nando's just this once!" Louis whined at the Irish boy who was now pouting. "Fine." he mumbled, then added. "But where do we go?"

Since none had an idea on where to go, I had the best idea in mind. "How about Taco Bell?" I offered as all the lads looked at me, and smiled with a thumbs up. YES! I LOVE TACOS! I can't possibly gloat at the idea, because Niall would probably rant to Liam and Zayn about it.

Honestly, I wasn't really up for a grumpy irish boy. When we reached Taco Bell, flashes of cameras caught our attention, and we saw some girls smiling and giggling pointing at us with interest  We just politely waved, smiled, and signed a few things before hunger overtook us and we decided waving a temporary goodbye to them as Liam and Zayn ordered our food.

After we got our orders, the rest of us cooed to helping the two get the food to the table. I slightly moaned by the taste of these tacos. Thank God for Colorado. I honestly needed to refuel my TACO-TANK. If you taste these tacos, I'm sure you'll get what I mean.

While I was dazed, thinking about how fantastic these tacos taste, I couldn't help but notice Louis looking at me with those flirty eyes. My heart raced and I chuckled at him with a wink. "Lrike wvhat you shee?" I asked him with a mouthful, and I tried to give him a smile full of food.

"No.." he bit his lip. "I was thinking that you look completely ridiculous." the lads chuckled, and I blushed a deep red, and chew my food carefully. "Happy?" I asked him as I smiled revealing him  with my pearly whites.

"Hmm.." he tapped his chin with his index finger trying to indicate that he was thinking. "I don't think it makes any difference... Though a sexy moustache will do." the boy laughed once again even louder now. I pouted at the lad, and pretended to look sad and twiddle with my fingers.

I felt his hand touch my knee cap and I looked at him. "Oh you know I was just joking, mate." he batted his eyelashes trying to look sorry. I chuckled by how silly he was being, and I smooshed his face away. "Fine, fine.. I forgive you." I said impatiently.

God. Sometimes that boy is totally .. UGH! It's totally unexplainable.. he irritates me yet I love him for it. I took another bite of my taco and finished it off before we decided to go home for the day. I feel completely knackered that I can barely move. Another brilliant idea came into mind, and I held my hands out infront of me indicating for Lou to pick me up. "Boo, can you bring me to van?" I whined at the lad.

He looked at me for confirmation if I'm serious, and I just smirked at him while doing puppy-dog eyes. "Please... Boo?" He stared at me for a few more seconds, then picked me up for a piggy-back ride. I can feel his heard beats growing more frequent when I nestled my nose playfully at the crook of his neck. I then was suddenly reminded of what I did yesterday, and I couldn't help but blush a bit more. What is this boy doing with me?

Louis POV

WHAT IS THIS BOY DOING TO ME!?!? First he moans by the taste of what I believe was the tacos then now he's acting like a complete and utter child demanding that I carry him to the van. He is driving me insane. I kept mentally slapping myself for thinking such nasty thoughts as I feel his nose brush against the crook of my neck.

My heart was working overdrive. I bet it can even beat harder than Optimus Prime's robotic talk. If he can read my thoughts, I bet he'd probably collapse on the floor laughing his cute bum off about how perverted his best friend is being. Harry then suddenly shuddered and I turned my head slightly, looking at the lad.

He was blushing so hard. Thought its the night time, his skin was slightly reddish that even the darkness could not hide it. Either that or the carrots are giving me complete hallucination in exchange for the new abilities I was able to gain from eating carrots.

"You alright lad?" I asked him, as I felt him nod, and try to get comfortable on my back again. I sighed as I plopped him down gently in the van while alot of girls were now squealing screaming. "LARRY STYLINSON!!" on the top of their lungs.

I suddenly blushed by thought.. sometimes the fans can actually be a bit of fortune tellers. Eleanor's crying face suddenly popped into my mind. Oh carrots, I don't want to hurt her. I feel like I'm actually falling for this boy, and yet I love her.

I don't want anything to change. Honestly, I'm afraid of change. What if Management told us to break up? Guilt filled through me like a needle-shot. What am I gonna do?!?!

Liam POV

When we finally got in the van, we were all pretty bloody knackered. Being tired plus being fed loads amount of food are not one of the many combinations that can encounter One Direction. It usually does not end well.. I promise. 

While Zayn and Niall and Harry were practically sleeping like their dead, I can practically sneak a glance at Louis at the corner of my eye as I pretended to sleep. Part of my eyes were practically peeping at him, as he pecked Harry on the lips lovingly, sigh, then sit back down like nothing happened.

He'll probably lie to me if I asked him, so I let this one go, as I practically drifted with the lads on our way home.


:P Hopefully Louis does something soon. His falling really hard guys. Should he break up with El? Who knows. Please check out my next chapter that I'll probably be uploading tomorrow <3

Lots of love

~Cam xox

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