Looks like Angry Parents, but is Actually Really Worried Parents

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+Norway: Red Army Base+

Tord sat next to Tom in his office. Both of them on the couch watching the security footage on the Tv when the children entered the plane to when it finally departed to America.

It seems that all the soldiers were busy at the moment, running around the hanger getting things ready for different supplier groups and double checking stock. Most of them going to different locations to restock supplies in another part of the building.

Tom laid his head on his lover's shoulder with a downed expression.


The brunet didn't respond. He was too down in the dumps about their missing kids. The leader in blue wished he had kept a better eye on them today.

Fat tears start pooling at the corners of his eyes behind the VR set. Then slips out from under them to drip in drops on Tord's jacket.

Tord picks the remote off his lap and turns the Tv off. He then pulls Tom onto his lap. Of course, Tom doesn't mind as he actually accepts the movement. He straddles Tord's lap and lays against his chest.

"It's okay min kjære." Tord says against Tom's forehead. "We'll find them soon enough." He gives his lover's forehead a loving kiss.

"I miss them Tord..." Tom wraps his arms around Tord's neck. "God I miss them so much."

"I know..."

+America: At the White House+

"Bingo!" Tomi says cheerfully. "Our parents are Tom and Tordy!!!"

"But how is this possible?" The president asks looking back and forth between the two kids.

"Very complex science that only father has the knowledge of attaining." Tord shrugs his shoulders. "You should have seen mother's reaction when he told him about using his dna to make us."

Tomi giggles looking at his brother. "Mom hit dad too for using his dna without permission."

Torm looks at Edd, "Do you have a radio we can use to contact them?" He got some practice with using the radio back at the base. General Fredrick was kind enough to teach him the basics of using a large radio while showing his the difference of a small hand held device. His assistant even gave him an emergency Red contact channel too just in case they ever needed it.

"We can actually do a video call for you. I'm sure Tord is gonna think we're hacking into his radio channel. It happened once because he completely change the red channel again after that." Edd said remembering the event.

It's happened before in the last few months. They'd stumble upon the current channel before it's switched to another to hide information and contact on the dot.

Just then the computer went off on the president's desk. The familiar sound of ringing rang through the room.

The president hesitantly turns to face the screen. He took the video call with some caution since there is a familiar Red Army symbol displayed in the screen.

"Or they can call us..." Matt says in a confused tone.

They weren't scheduled to have a meeting with Tord until two day from now. Matt walks over to stand behind the president's chair to watch him accept the call.

The agents in the room shut the blinds and one of them rolled down the projector screen from the ceiling. The kids were moved to the side by the brunet so they could speak to Tord  about matter concerning the countries before the monster children. When everything is set, Edd gave the clear for the big man to click the accept button.

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