We need to talk - Part 1

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Louis POV

I couldn't help but peck him on the lips when he was defenseless like that. From my view he looks positively irresistible. I sighed as I sat back down and pretended like nothing's happened. What am I going to do? My stomach is always in knots when he's around, just like what I had with El, and sparks fly when I kiss him.

I groaned, and just let myself drift to a dreamless sleep. While I slept, I felt strong arms wrapped around my waist. I for one chose to ignore it, considering I already knew who it was. I smiled as I slept. After a huge jolt from what I think was the van, I felt as if I was lifted off the ground then placed into a comfortable bed.

I thought of nothing else, as I fell into the darkness. The next day, something heavy was holding me back. Whoever it was kept a strong grip on me and I can only turn my head to see the familiar set of chocolate brown curls right beside me.

I tried repositioned myself so that I was facing him... just to get .. um.. comfortable? He was snoring pretty loud with his mouth wide opened. Honestly, I could stare at him a little longer but I had to get up. Careful not to wake him up now, I gently unbuckle his arm away from me. Good thing I have the most biceps in the group. It was pretty easy to take his arm off.

I was about to leave when I felt him grab my hand at the last second. "Stay" he mumbled without opening his eyes. "Uh Haz, I need to go to the loo." I lied. This time he did open his eyes, and sat up groggily in the bed while crossing his arms. "Alright, I'll be waiting." he stiffled a yawn, and just stared at me as I got up and went to the washroom.

Darn, he could see through my lies. It's both a good thing and a bad thing. I groaned as I brush my teeth, and do my business in the toilet. After I felt like I was done, I went back hesitantly in Harry's room. He was still on the same position as he was earlier looking like he was still half-asleep. When he noticed me peeping, he beckoned me to come to him. I stiffened but nodded with a smile.

"I thought you went back to sleep?" I asked him, and he simply shook his head. "I promised I'd wait for you." he smiled his cheeky grin then suddenly drifted back to sleep as he leaned on the walls. I sighed and pulled his legs slowly so that he'll sleep comfortably. "Have a good sleep Haz." I muttered as he once again started snoring gripping on the pillow I slept on.

I know he'll be pissed when he notices I'm gone, but I needed to talk to somebody, anybody at all. I was going to talk to Zayn, but seeing as he is asleep as Harry snoring lightly in his bed, I couldn't possibly get myself to wake him up. So, I went to Daddy Directioner typing quietly on his twitter early in the morning.

He didn't notice me till I plopped down beside him. "Morning mate, we need to talk." I said sternly at Liam. He nodded then closed his phone. The conversation took hours for Liam to get I wanted to say. He just sat there eyeing me with concern, but a twinkle of satisfaction. "So basically, you have feelings for him, you don't exactly know if it's mutual, and you don't want to mess your relationship with Eleanor?" he asked trying to confirm the information I have given him. I nodded still not taking off eye-contact.

Liam sighed and avoided my gaze then looked at me again. "Well mate, you're in a tough pickle." he started. "But, to be perfectly honest, you should think with your heart, and not with your head. If you feel for him, then you should be clear out the insecurities and talk to him straight." he paused trying to think of what to say next. "And as for Eleanor... well, be honest with her. She has the right to know that. Wouldn't want her to hate on you for cheating, right mate?" I nodded again.

I thanked the lad with a kiss on the cheek, and he waved me off. Before I left the room, I saw Harry glaring daggers at Liam as he joined us. "Weren't you asleep Haz?" I asked Harry, but he simply glared at Liam then at me. "Well.. I was, until a certain 'someone' who promised to stay with me, chose to leave me all alone in the room, with a pillow." he chuckled sarcastically.

I took another look at Liam, and he eyed me an "it's time" look. I nodded at him, and dragged Harry back to his room. "We need to talk Harry." I eyed him, and he snorted, but remained serious. I indicated him to go first, and he quietly obliged while he sat lazily at the bed.

He patted the spot next to him telling me to sit beside him. I nodded then did what I was told. We were now facing each other staring at the other's eyes. He stared at my blue-grey eye ones, and I stared at his green emerald ones. "So, what did you want to talk about?" he asked not leaving eye-contact.

I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. "Well, I need you to answer my questions truthfully Haz." I confirmed. He only nodded and waited for my question. "Well, here it goes---



Hope you guys enjoy this latest chapter. So, lets get down to business. There is two parts in this installation, and I'm just building up the suspense. Don't hate me If I did that, because trust me, I'm just as anxious writing about it, as you guys at reading it. All seriousness gone now please read this totally useless sentence that you probably will read till the end you will find that you read nothing of relevance at all :)

Anyways, thanks to you guys, I gained 300+ views for the first time in a history of my stories, and 18 fans. I am indeed happy, and I can't simply thank you guys enough for your collaboration on this whole thing, and I hope to get more laughs, and comments from all you readers. Thank you guys.

~Cam xoxo

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