24: Pretty Things

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It is, in fact, Mina.

That one crazy hoe from the tattoo shop that asked if you were underaged.

That one crazy hoe from the tattoo shop who you didn't recognize without her chest out and a seductive look painted across her face.

That one crazy hoe from the tattoo shop that you thought hated your guts because you dared to step foot into the tattoo shop in the first place.

So why on this freaking green earth is she helping you right now?

All you do is gape at her like a water-starved fish as she directs you down the road, keeping an eye on the street behind you to make sure the drunk men aren't following.

"They left," says the guy that came with her. He's one of the biggest men you've ever seen, towering over you and Mina like the Jolly Green Giant. "You're okay to relax now."

When he says relax, Mina takes that as a cue to edge her hand away from you and cross her arms over her chest, scowling like you've burned her.

"You idiot," she grumbles. "What are you doing walking alone at night?"

"Wha...how...how are you even here right now?" is all you can stutter out.

The simple fact that she stumbled upon you and decided to help in a time of trouble...

Fate and chance are playing some seriously whacked out games with your head.

"I live here," Mina sighs. She takes in your haggard appearance, noticing with sharp eyes that a smear of blood is wiped on you pants. "Are you bleeding?"

You don't answer the important question. "You live here? So you take a bus all the way into the city to get tattooed by those seven idio-"

"Deliciously gorgeous gods?" Mina cuts you off, curling her lip up. "That's what you were going to say, right? The answer is yes. They're gorgeous. I go. It's not even that far of a ride though."

The man with you snorts. "The fact that you have to go into the city at all is ridiculous."

"Thank you," you bark, extending to him the most well-deserved fist bump that's ever been given. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Mina rolls her eyes, pointing an indicative finger at the man. "This is my older brother, Wooseok. He's a delight."

"I am a delight," defends Wooseok, placing a massive hand on his massive chest. The sheer size of him is still amazing to you. He has shiny black hair that's cut off of his forehead, similar to the way that Namjoon wears his.

His voice is a trench of deep, rich tones.

"What are you doing out here?" the lovely Wooseok asks. Both he and his sister have taken notice of the blood stain on your jeans , and his eyes are pools of cautious black.

Ten bucks they think you murdered someone.

"I'm just passing through." When your vague answer doesn't stop the staring, you sigh and admit grudgingly, "I might have also fallen out of a very tall tree. And hit a few branches on the way down."


Mina smacks a hand to her forehead.

Wooseok, on the other hand, furrows his dark brow in concern and leans toward you. "Are you hurt anywhere? If you come back to our house, we can help you."

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