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the prison is large and modern, it kind of looks like a school. the large fences around the vicinity of the prison are patrolled by heavily-armed officers who march around with an air of authority. their cluelessness to the havoc that will soon break loose amuses jungkook, the fact they can't see the 100 dead people parading into this prison to kill is great. the prison is large, very large. the walls are grey and built out in varieties of geometric shapes, windows placed strategically around the walls. the window ledges are painted in an assortment of bright colours. and later, they'll be stained a beautiful metallic, crimson red.
"we'll go 5 at a time." namjoon finally breaks the silence, "i have an order of participants list here. if you complete this task jungkook will take you back to hell, if not you'll be staying here until the end and we'll sort you out." namjoon calls 5 names out, then another 5. then another... when 50 people had gone only 20 of them had completed the task.
taehyung is in the last group - the last person. namjoon stands there with jungkook by his side, watching intensely on taehyung. namjoon is betting that taehyung will do it, jungkook that he won't.
taehyung grips the freshly polished wooden handle to the dark grey, metal gun; his hands going white from the pressure. he's shaking like an earthquake, even if he does shoot he doubts it will hit the man - it'll probably end up in taehyung by accident!

taehyung closes his eyes, not wanting to watch the sin he's committing. he hesitates, then brings the gun to his side. namjoon walks behind him, his breath tickling the back of taehyung's neck making the hairs rise up.
"taehyung, you can do this. you aren't your old self anymore. drop it." he whispers, holding taehyung's hand and pulling it up. "just click the button, it'll be over in less than a second." namjoon brings his hand down slowly. he counts down, "3.. 2.. 1.." BANG!
taehyung pulls the trigger.
everything slows down.
the small, metal bullet rips through the air going straight towards the man, hitting his head. the temple, the thinnest part of the skull, now punctured. a beautiful crimson liquid flows out of the hole down the side of the male's head as he falls majestically towards the ground. the bullet doing the most damage it can do - death.
taehyung drops to the ground, traumatised and trembling. tears pool beneath him and slowly stream towards the blood. the salty substance mixed with the metallic substance, only two disappear like it never made it - the more abundant one having more power.
namjoon looks at the dishevelled male on the floor, broken to pieces like a smashed glass. but that's all he is, a glass bird trying to fly. namjoon holds the male's hand, looking at jungkook. he completed the task. jungkook just turns his back, walking back up to hell.
namjoon embraces the male, holding him close to his non-beating heart. a heart that's been a stone for a thousand years turning to a marshmallow. sweet and fluffy, but also sickly and addicting.
taehyung lifts his head to look at namjoon in the eyes. "i-i can't do this."

the males go back to hell by namjoon flying them. it's the first time taehyung has seen his wings. their black, blacker than midnight, and feathery. they feel like a soft pillow and smell like one too.
jungkook is waiting there at the entrance, arms crossed and a look of annoyance painted across it. he stares the younger male who's wrapped his arms around the older whilst the older was flying. immediately, taehyung lets go and stands on his own.
"what took you so long?" jungkook snaps at the two.
"nothing, he was just...." namjoon pauses to think of a word, "distraught. scared. traumatised." jungkook just eyes them and turns on his heels - strutting away with his head held high.
the two follow behind jungkook to the cafeteria, taehyung not wanting to be alone stays with namjoon. they sit next to the mint-haired male called yoongi.
"yoongay, this is taehyung." yoongi looks up from his book to study the blonde haired male.
"yo, i'm yoongi." he mumbles then averts his attention back to the book. taehyung takes small nibbles out of his sandwich, not wanting to be greedy and eat too much. his sandwich is a ham and cheese one - a flavour he's never tried before. the food explodes around his mouth, but something disgusting lurks underneath the loveliness.
"tae-tae, eat some more." namjoon commands sweetly, if you can do that. taehyung just shakes his head, "tae-tae?"
"yes, tae-tae. now eat." he orders less nicely. taehyung again shakes his head subtly, pushing the sandwich away from him. "why aren't you eating more, tae-tae?"
"don't wanna be greedy," he whispers, audible enough for namjoon to hear through his really soft looking ears.
namjoon just laughs, and so does jungkook. jungkook heard that as well then.
"greedy. you're in hell mate, we are literally the living embodiments of sins." jungkook snickers (get some nuts). he picks up his bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (blts ftw) and stuffs it into his mouth. "greedy my ass."
yoongi looks up, "i can feed your ass." he jokes. taehyung's face drops, confused.
"you're a bottom, it'll be me feeding yours." jungkook snaps back at taehyung. 'a bottom, what's that?' he thinks.
"awwsshhh, taehyung's so innocent." yoongi blurts out, "he doesn't know what a bottom is! well, a bott-"
namjoon interrupts. "shut it malfoy!" the three once-humans burst out laughing.
"what's a malfoy?" jungkook asks, making yoongi and namjoon laugh even harder.
"i have the books in my room, you can read them soon." it takes the two quite a while to calm down from their fit of laughter, whilst jungkook and taehyung at there staring at each other.
and staring.


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