25: Judas

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You wash your face clean of the blood and the dirt smudges, and change into a fresh set of clothes provided by your gracious host.

It takes Mina a good long while to put ointment on all of your cuts, then to bandage up the bigger ones that need to be bandaged. Her hands are delicate and gentle with the process, something you highly appreciate.

When she's done, she claps her hands together and starts to gather up the extra supplies and put them back into the bag.

"I'll be a minute," she tells you. "Maybe you should go lay down and sleep. If those circles under your eyes get any bigger, your whole face will be the color of an old raisin."

"Gee, thanks," you scoff, and turn to go back into the living room. Wooseok is there seated in a chair, biting at his thumb nail while watching the television with devoted eyes.

You clear your throat to signal your entrance.

Wooseok goes cherry red again. "Oh, hello, feeing better?"

"Maybe, after I get some sleep." You sit on the couch, the soft cushions allowing your wear body to relax. It's a relief so intense that you feel your lips tremble as if you're about to cry.

When you open your eyes again, Wooseok is staring at you.

"You aren't just passing through, are you?" he says with curiosity brimming in his eyes, you notice that his nail is bitten down almost to the bed.

Like he's nervous about something.

Wooseok sees your eyes linger on his hand, and he swiftly tucks it under his thigh.

"I am," you answer. "I'm leaving as soon as I can."

He tilts his head, black hair shifting. "Where are you coming from?"

"Seoul." Indirectly. It's still true, though.

Wooseok nods, picking at the cloth of his chair with the hand that's not hidden. The way he's chewing on his lower lip makes you uneasy.

Where did you leave your shoes? In the bathroom?

You need to get them.

You're about to get up to retrieve them when Wooseok begins to speak again. "Why were you in a tree?"

"The moon was pretty tonight," you say dryly as you push yourself up. Wooseok stands too, and his height makes you feel like a peanut.

"I know that design," says the man. "The one on your thigh? I had to question myself, but I'm pretty certain now."

Your breath freezes like crystal ice in your throat, forming a lump there. "Yeah?"

You try to sound casual.

Woseeok nods. "It's Jungkook's, right? With all the time that Mina's spent at their shop, I've gotten to know them a little, too. They're nice guys."

You force your shoulders to relax, breathing deeply. He just knows them through Mina's visits. You were worried there for a second.

Chill out, Y/N.

"Are you close to them?" Wooseok asks.

You shake your head, almost laughing at the thought. "Um, no. I'm actually not a huge fan."

His brows arch up in surprise, and he slips his hands in the pockets of his jeans, rocking back on his heels. "How come? They're always nice to me."

The sentence prompts you to go through a quick ten-second run through of all the unfortunate things that have happened to you since you met the Bangtan Boys. Namely Jeon Jungkook.

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