Chapter 15: Preparations

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"You are fierce.
You are a survivor.
You are a fighter through and through.

Little brave, breathe.
There is a warrior within you."

— Beau Taplin 

"I know, but it's the best I managed to give you" he replied. There was anger and irritation barely maintained in his tone so no one dared to retort.

"Another thing" he said seriously, his dark blue eyes hard as he looked at them "in five hours we leave"

"Another thing" he said seriously, his dark blue eyes hard as he looked at them "in five hours we leave"

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"Leave?" asked Seiko in disbelief to the director.

"Yes" he replied while watching around to see if they were being overheard "When you seven were chosen it was established that in four months we would change your location in a more isolated and secure area for your training, and that I would have come with you" he added "We are going there now"

There was a moment of silence in the group, as everyone digested the information.

"WITH YOU?!" asked than in shock Mattia, nearly shouting and causing some head to turn.

"Yes, Mister Fortuna" the director replied drily while watching the younger man as if he was stupid "with ME".

The man interrupted immediately when he saw him opening his mouth, obviously to protest "I hope you decide carefully your next words" he said to him threatening "I don't like to repeat myself, and we don't have time for this"

Mattia didn't reply and shut his mouth close, slamming hard his teeth, resuming only on losing colour and watching in horror with the rest of them at then older man.

Lily almost laughed at their misfortune, almost. Stories around the Academy told of the dark days when the man was a teacher. His teaching method of air combat and also ground combat were basically a legend, but not in a good way. After his lessons in fact everyone always returned with sometimes wounds or even broken bones, in addition to shocked faces and traumaS. Even Jorah, their hand-to-hand fight teacher, was a saint in comparison.

"Where are we going?" asked Zack.

"I will explain it later, not here" replied the director "Now all of you will go to see Beth, she has your armours ready. Then go pack and meet with your dragons in front of the lake. Now it's..." he paused and looked at the clock that stood lazily in a wall "five and a half. At eight and a half I want all of you ready to go. Now disappear. I have things to do" he said, dismissing rudely them with a wave of his hand.

They didn't wait to be told a second time and quickly scrambled away, getting away from the chaos that was starting to arise. Teachers and students were talking, or better say screaming, at the armoured men, trying to dig some information out from them, but the men remained impassive and simply ignored the panic that was slowly, but inevitably, entering the room.

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