Chapter Six

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Elena's POV:

I looked at his tired and sad face, and lost the fight between my heart and mind.

"Jake, I can't stay". I said.

He closed his eyes and took the deep breath.

"I know you can't stay". He said.

"But I'm staying, until you're awake". I said pushing him back on the bed and kicking my stilettos then jumped on the bed beside him.

He laughed at me and I smiled, settling my head on the pillow.

We stared at each other in peaceful silence.

He looked sleepy but his face was relaxed and it made me happy. My hand moved forward and touched his soft hair.

I always wanted to do that and at that moment, I was doing what my heart was telling me to do.

"Your hair feels soft". I mumbled.

He smiled at my words.

"My mom's hair was just like mine". He said.

I frowned at his words because his adoptive mother's hair is curly and doesn't look like his hair in any way. The color of her hair and texture was different.

"You mean Amanda? But her hair isn't like yours". I said to him.

"No, I'm talking about my real mom. Her hair was like mine, chestnut color with the hint of blonde in them. She told me that I loved playing with her hair when I was a baby". He said.

I was in shock after hearing him. Thousands of questions started to run in my mind.

"You know who your real mom is?" I asked him.

"Yes". He replied.

"You never told us anything about her". I said while running my fingers through his soft his hair.

"I don't want to talk about her. She brings back bad memories of my past". He said, shocking me.

The sadness and pain on his face made me stop from inquiring about his past. I thought I knew him but there are still secrets in his life that no one knows.

"Okay, let's talk about your bad habit of drinking". I said leaning closer and whispering in his ear.

"I can't stop thinking about her. Whenever I am alone, her memories came back to haunt me and it pains me to think about the future that I wanted with her. She was everything to me and getting drunk where I couldn't remember my name, is my escape". He said looking at the ceiling.

My throat was clog with emotions. He has lost so much in his life. Now, the girl that he loved with his heart and soul has been taken away from him.

"Jake, you need to understand that she's gone. She's not coming back and you need to move on". I said.

My heart was breaking at his pained face.

"I know that I need to stop otherwise I will go insane but it's not easy. Sometimes, I feel like giving up". He whispered.

The tears that I was holding back fell from my eyes and I wiped them, hurriedly. I didn't want him to think that I feel sorry for him and my feelings towards him are sympathy.

"Jake, whenever you feel like giving up, thinks about Brandon, Noah and my parents; they call you son. All of them will miss you, especially Brandon". I said.

"What about you, Elena? Will you miss me? If someday I wouldn't be here like Hanna?" He asked.

"I wish I would never see that day in my life, when you're not here with me". I mumbled in his ear, placing a kiss on his cheek.

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