One Hit K.O ( 3 )

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As Ty and I entered the large open room where my fathers party had been held. The party had ended and all the guests had left but one, my father. I'm so screwed. I sat the egg down just in case if he wanted to throw something. I walked over to my dad with Ty right behind me.

"Um...Dad, we need to talk."

"Where have you been," He yelled pissed.

"I was in the gardens, but I--"

"No, be quiet I don't want to hear. First, you insult Elijah then you disappear for 3 hours in the middle of the party. I told there would be consequences if you cause trouble tonight."

I stayed quiet. That something I learned to do at times like this. I have been here thousands of times before. I put my head down.

"Get out of my sight," My father said.

I started to walk away but a strong arm wrapped around me and pulled me back protectively.

I looked back to see Ty with an angry look on his face.

"Sir, I understand that you are upset, but you have to listen. It's very important," Ty said still holding me next to him.

"Excuse me who are you?"

"My name is Tyranis however you may call me Ty. I am here to tell that your daughter has been chosen to one of this century dragon riders."

"Dragons you're joking. You think that I'm going to believe that."

"Believe what you want sir, however, Larisa must come with me. We don't have much time to waste sir."

"You're not taking my daughter anywhere. Now I suggest you go before I call the police."

"Dad I have to go", I chimed in.

"No you're not going anywhere", He said as he grabbed my forearm and pulled me towards him harshly.

I was ripped from Ty and my father slapped me in the face.

It wasn't that it hurt. It was the surprise of it that got me. It wasn't the first time my father had hit me, but he never did it in public before.

With my free hand, I cupped the side of my face.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ty make a fist. Then in one swift movement, he hit my father in the face and my father fell to the ground unconscious.

"Are you alright?",He asked as I just stared at my father on the ground.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm used to it."

"He's hit you before?", Ty questioned bitterly.

I said nothing and just looked down at the floor. My actions answered for me.

He sighed sadly before talking.

"He won't touch you again, I promise."

I smiled at his words. Not many people had shown me kindness like this before. The only person I could think of was Maria.

"Now." He began," We must hurry. You are only the second dragon rider to been chosen this century. That means the armies of darkness are starting to wake up. And they will start to prepare for the war and we must do the same which is why we must hurry to camp and get you ready."

"Second? Are you the first?"

"Well no ... but I will explain that when we get to camp."

"I guess I should go get packed then."

"Yes, I'll wait here."

I walked up to my room and started looking around for my duffel bag, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

"Looking for this."

I turned around and saw Maria holding my duffel bag that was packed with everything I needed already in it.

"Thank Maria", I said taking the bag from her "For everything."

"You're welcome, dearie. Now go you best not keep that handsome young man downstairs waiting," She said laughing.

"Goodbye, Maria"

"Goodbye, pequeña", Maria said using her old Spanish nickname for me.

I put the duffel bag on my shoulder and I walked out of my room. I headed to the courtyard where Ty would be waiting. I stopped and got my egg, my father still unconscious on the ground. I entered the garden courtyard and saw Ty and Raikou waiting. Ty was petting Raikou's head that was easily twice the size of him. Ty then turned his head to see me.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yep, I'm ready."

"Well let's go. Lady First", He pointing to Raikou's back where a leather saddle was placed.

"Wait what."

"What's wrong? Flying is the fastest way to get to the camp."

"Um...Nothing I just didn't think we would be flying there."

"Well I don't own a car, but a full-size dragon-like Raikou can easily outfly a plane or car. There are even some dragons, like the Flamezephyr, that break the sound barrier at their max speed."

"That's awesome. What kind of dragon is Raikou?"

"Raikou is a Stromwing so his element is lightning."

"Awesome", I cooed. 

"Any more questions or should we go?," Ty said gesturing to Raikou.

"Let's go"

I walked up to Ty and Raikou. Ty motioned for Raikou to lay so I could mount him. I grabbed onto Raikou's spikes and pulled myself up then I threw my leg over his back. When I got settled Ty also pulled himself up and sat in front of me.

"You may want to hold on to me so you to fall off."

"If I fall off you are going to catch me or I will haunt your ass."

He laughed at my statement as I wrapped my hand around his torso. Raikou stood up. He opens up his golden wings and bent down ready to push off into the sky.

"Hold on tight", Ty warned.

Raikou pushed off with his hind legs and flapped his strong wings. I tighten my grip on Ty as we got higher. Raikou then leveled out and I loosen my grip and looked back at my home as got smaller by the second. The wind blew in my hair we picked up speed. I could help but smile as we flew through the midnight sky.

"This is amazing" I yelled to Ty.

"You haven't seen nothing yet."

Then he made Raikou pull off some fancy tricks like flying upside down, doing circles in the sky which almost made me throw up. When he was done showing off. We flew above the clouds and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Wow", was all I could come up with as I was taken away by the sight.

"Beautiful isn't."

"Yay, it is."

The rested of the flight was peaceful. Well, there was a small problem with a plane, but we were able to play it off.

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