We're coming Lottie!!

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Louis POV

My heart was still thumping even when we were on the plane. Harry most of the time was just quietly stroking my back with a comforting smile on his face. Though it is really cute and tempting, I can't be comfortable yet, till I know what happened to Lottie. 

We arrived at Doncaster at 3:am in the morning, and my mum welcomed us like normal. "LOU!" She practically cheered with tears brimming on her face, while hugging me on a death toll. She eyed Harry who was behind me. "Hello Jay." he smiled at my mum and invited her for a hug that she willingly accepted.

"Mum what happened to Lottie?" I asked suddenly as she released Harry. She just stared at me and frowned. "She, she got hit by a car." I can practically feel my face pale by the sudden sentence. "W-when ..?" Harry managed to choke out. "H...how?" I added as I bit my lip waiting for my mum to speak.

"Well.. yesterday she was playing with Georgia, and Felicite, while the twins Daisy and Phoebe were out in the garden playing with their doll, while a drunk driver was... he just suddenly decided that it's a good day to speed up at a random time. It was about to hit Daisy, but Lottie pushed her away." Anger literally bursted within me as I imagined what happened to Lottie and Daisy.

I didn't notice it, but I suddenly punched the wall really hard to try to get a feel of reality. I was going to keep doing it, but Harry pulled me away and hugged me. Mum didn't even seem too surprised by the sudden gesture. The tears that I was fighting to hold back suddenly started flowing.

"H-How is both of them now?" I managed to ask. Mum just smiled at me while she patted my head like she always does when I was little when dad decided that he wanted to break off the marriage. "It's not your fault.." she whispered to my ear constantly till I fall asleep. It became a habit of hers whenever I blamed myself for something that's the sure trick to soothe me, well, other than Harry's ways of comforting me, which was practically loveable.

"It's okay Louis." Harry whispered in my ear as he soothed my back comfortingly. When we got inside, Georgia, Felicite, Phoebe, and the Band-aid-coated Daisy were laughing like normal. But I can feel a bit of a strain on their laughs as they eyed me curiously.

"BIIG BROTHER!!" They screamed on the top of our lungs as they smooshed me into a tight hug. "I miss you guys." I mumbled in their hair as they each took the liberty of taking turns to giving me and Harry a hug.

After all the welcoming was over, I asked all of them if they were okay, especially for Daisy. She only nodded with a smile while holding a thumbs up. "I'm fine, really." I kissed her on the cheek and patted her head. "You're always a big girl." I whispered quietly into her ear. She giggled in response. "I am aren't I?" she cocked her head with a smile.

"We can visit her now if you want?" Mum finally stated. I smiled at her while I took Harry's hand to the car. I can feel a smile forming on his lips as he gladly allowed me to pull him along. Mum came in after we arrived at the car, and opened the door for her side of the car as she's driving, and opened the middle doors for Harry and I to get into.

She usually let's me sit beside her when she drives. I wonder if she knows already. I looked at her throught the reflection of the mirror, and she stared at me knowingly with a smile. I blushed for the first time out of what feels like years. "Hey mum, what about--" "you're aunt's baby sitting, she's just upstairs." she answers my question without me needing to finish. I just simply sighed as I stared at Harry who was now inches away from me. I wanted to kiss him here and now, but I know my would not stop till she makes me too self-conscious about it.

We arrived by the hospital at 5 am and the doctor said we can see her an hour or two after. My stomach grumbled as I sat in the waiting area. Harry noticed it and tapped my shoulders. "Lou, I'll get us some food alright?" he asked, and I nodded without a single word. Leave it to Harry to brighten the situation just a little bit.

30 minutes passed and I started walking towards the door. Maybe there' s a whole line-up clump or something. I better go check up on Harry. Mum stopped me before I got far, and she said "The doctor said we can visit her early!" she cheered as more tears ran down her face.

Maybe I can take a small detour for now. Harry can wait I'm sure. When we saw the room that said "Charlotte Tomlinson", we both went in without taking a look at our surroundings. And there was Lottie, awake and a bit pale staring at us. I can see a cast wrapped around her ankle and I flinched by the sight.

I never really like the sight of hospitals. But I guess I can make an exception if it includes people I care about. "Louis, Mum!" we showered her with hugs and kissed. "You're a great big sister you know that?" I chuckled at the girl. She only snorted and slapped me in the arm. "You know I am." she stated cockily. I knew it, cheekiness runs in the family.

My mum chuckled as she read my thoughts. Yeah, me and my mum and sisters were that close to each other.they were like one of my best of friends that it's not even funny. I can't see a life without them. At all.

Another protest grumbled through the whole room and both girls chuckled at me. I felt a faint blush running through my cheeks. "Er, I guess I had nothing to eat ever since I came here." I confessed while I scratched the back of my neck.

"Then go with Harry hun." Mum commanded. I shook my head and frowned at the two. "Don't worry Lou, I'll be here." Lottie confirmed, and I sighed as I shuffled towards the door. Harry's taking so long I thought as I noticed he wasn't back yet.

After going down some flights of stairs, I was finally able to get to the Cafeteria and see the familiar set of curls still waiting in line. I snorted as I started heading for his way until I see a another familiar figure, and blonde hair. When she noticed me eyeing her, "Lou?" she called out.

"Hannah." I simply said as I stared at the girl. What was she doing here?



Hannah is his ex-girlfriend in r/l in case you didn't know. Just wanted to spice it up.. no worries :)


~Cam xox

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