Chapter 23

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After news of the birth of a Pureblood spread, the wheel started spinning.

Parties and celebrations last for weeks.

Valerie Rosegarden married into the family during this time. All the servants now address her as "Lady Dietrich."

During these weeks, the Elders meet frequently. They don't even bother to hide that they are meeting almost every single day.

Lucien complains to me more about the meetings.

Niles was punished for trying to skip. He too thought it painfully boring and would much rather play with the newborn like everyone else.

While the baby was receiving endless attention from everyone, his birth mother was completely disregarded.

When news got out, Uncle Dietrich immediately took the baby from Alvena. He brought the young lord to Lady Dietrich and ordered the baby to be raised as her own.

The Elder Council agreed that it was best for the Pureblood to be raised by strong noble vampire parents.

Master didn't exactly agree, but he didn't wield much power in the council, especially not when Lord Killua, the veteran Pureblood, supported the Elders' decisions.

Thus, Nero is being raised by Lady Dietrich instead of Mistress.

Alvena misses her son very much, but she has bigger things to worry about. Currently, she is only allowed to stay in the house because of Master.

According to Lucien, Uncle Dietrich wanted to discard Alvena as she is of no further use. But Master hinted that she is still young and barely even eighteen. There could be a second Pureblood—an idea that Uncle absolutely was too greedy to pass up.

Of course Master was only saying that to please and persuade his superior. This was the only way to keep the human by his side. Fortunately, it worked.

So on the surface, Mistress and Master seem to be getting along. But in reality, she still hasn't forgiven Master for anything.

Though Master acts nonchalantly in front of everyone else to put up a good show, he secretly hurts. How do I know this?

Lucien tells me. After all, they are best friends and drinking companions.

And I can tell as well.

Master tries his best to "coincidentally" appear with Nero, both to see Alvena and allow her to see Nero.

Plus, Master was the one who ultimately convinced the Council to keep the name his mistress chose for their son.

Aleksandar Nero Dietrich.

Pureblood of the millennia.

Young Master Alek was indeed special. Everyone only awaits to see what special innate powers the child has yet to reveal. It's always exciting when a vampire is born with extraordinary power that an average vampire can only dream of.

Everyone hopes that he will be blessed with powers like Lord Killua. The former is one of the most revered Purebloods because he is versed in telepathy and memory manipulation.

Everyone but his mother.

Alvena fears that if her son is born strong, he'd be a "pawn" for the Elder vampires.

She's not completely wrong. The whole purpose behind conceiving the Pureblood is to prepare for the bigger matter. Purebloods—the strong ones—are leaders. They lead wars. They fight the werewolves. And they conquer.

So legend says.

No one really recalls the warring days except for Lord Killua, the sole living survivor of the Great War between the vampires and puppies.

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