Athena ( 5 )

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As things calmed down from the events of Sardis. It was like the whole world had gone dead silent.

Ty was the quietest as he stared at the ground in deep thought with an angry look on his face. The blood sure didn't help his case either. The blood from his cut above his eye had gone past his eye and started dripping off his chin.

"Ty are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm okay."

"But your eye."

"It will heal."

"Here let me help," I said as I pulled out an old T-shirt Maria had packed for me out of the duffle bag. I then closed the distance between us and moved the shirt up to his eye. However, I stopped when he grabbed my wrist.

"I said I'm okay," he said still holding my wrist while looking at the ground.

"Ty let me do this. So far you have been the one protecting me. Let me return the favor."

He sighed letting go of my wrist and sat down with his back on a tree. I sat down sat to him with my egg and duffel bag at my side. I moved the shirt up to his eye like before, but this time he didn't stop me. As I was cleaning the blood off of Ty Raikou came and laid down with a thud on the other side of his rider. It seemed that he too was tired after his fight with Sardis's black dragon, Orion.

"So are you going to ask me about Sardis," Ty said breaking the silence.

"I didn't know how to start that conversation."

"Well considering that he just attacked us you may need to know."


"Well ... Sardis is the one that commands the armies of darkness. "The king of shadows" as he likes to call himself. He also is an Elemental dragon rider. Elemental riders control one of the world's element and they stop aging once they turn 21. His element is shadows. Since he is an Elemental he can't be truly hurt by normal means."

Elemental riders have accelerated healing and heightened senses which make almost impossible to kill with normal means. To kill them you need an overwhelming force or one of equal. This means the only way to truly hurt and kill an elemental is if you use one of the Arch Dragons bones, an equal force. When an elemental is hurt by an Arch Dragon's bone they will have to heal naturally without the help of their accelerated healing." Ty explained.

"Are you an Elemental rider?"

"Yes, I am. My element is lightning."

"And an Arch Dragon is what exactly?"

"There are three ArchDragons Faranth, Tenaglia, and Vokoun. They are like the Kings and Queen of all dragons. The Queen being Tenaglia. As of now only Tenaglia and Vokun are alive. Faranth died hundreds of centuries ago. However, Faranth's tomb was kept secret by his brother and sister, Tenaglia and Vokun, killing an arch dragon is not easy either. They are the original dragons so that makes them the strongest. "

"If killing an Arch dragon is so hard how did Faranth die?"

"Sardis, but he wasn't able to collect Faranth's bones."

"Why would Sardis want the thing that can kill him?"

"To kill me. " Ty answered simply.


"Any more Questions?"

"Just one."

"Ask away."

"How old are you?"

At my question, he started laughing. I laughed too and I was pretty sure that Raikou was laughing too.

" 993."

"You're kidding."


We all started laughing again.

I stopped laughing as a heard a small cracking noise. I looked over at my egg and saw a small crack in it.

"Holy shit."

"What's wrong?"

"It's hatching."

He looked at my egg and smiled.

"Well let's get it to camp," he said smiling.

I went to pick it up but a small red head popped out.

The small dragon looked around at its new world and let out a small cry as its eye fell on me

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The small dragon looked around at its new world and let out a small cry as its eye fell on me. The small dragon tried to get up and run to me, but she had a little trouble as she got out of her egg. When she did she fell face-first into the dirt, but she quietly got up and walked unevenly towards me. Her wings were bigger than her body as she opened them. I got on my knees as the small dragon reached me. She was just the cutest thing ever. I put my hand out for her as she laid her tiny head in it.

"She a Flamezephyr that's a rare dragon breed and a strong one on that. She's a fire element dragon. Her fire makes her strong and protective, but also short-tempered. She's fast and agile in flight and has near-perfect eyesight. Flamezephyr's are a deadly force on the battlefield. I've heard that they can even break the sound barrier at full speed."


"So what are you going to name her?", Ty asked as he sat on the ground next to me.


"Good choice."

Athena climbs onto my lap and laid on me. She let out a small yawn and closed her eyes. I cradled her in my arms as I stood up.

Ty grabbed my duffel bag and help me up on Raikou back because I had my hand full with my new little dragon, Athena.

Raikou opens his wings but pushed off slowly so he didn't awake small Athena. Raikou seemed to take a large interest in Athena's safety as he flew. Not too fast that it would scare her but still fast enough to make a good time to the camp which Ty told me was about 5 minutes as the dragonflies. So like an hour if you were to take a car.

Athena look like she was enjoying the flight as we flew. She was not strong enough to fly on her own yet, but flying to a dragon is like walking to us. In time she will be flying too just like Raikou.

I looked in front of us to see small lights in the distance. First, there was one then two, but as we passed a large tree the whole camp came into view.

It was huge. There were cabins everywhere both small and large the biggest one was what I think was the mess hall. They were also a big sandy area which I think was a training area by the swords, spear, shields, and many other weapons on racks.

"Larisa, Welcome to Camp."

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