Ex Girlfriend = Trouble?

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Louis POV

"Lou?" She called out as her eyes practically bulged open looking too surprised for my liking. "Hannah?" I called out to the girl. She flinched by my voice and I just stood there gazing at her. What could she be doing here, and more specifically, how come I see her now, when I've been trying my best to avoid her.

She hurted me very much by breaking up with me by the very reason that my face is not suited for her. I couldn't place where I was until a familiar grip looped her arms around my hand. "Something wrong Lou?" El asked, and I gasped by her touching. "El..what are you.." I whispered and she kept her gaze at Hannah who looked confused by this whole situation.

"Oh, Is that Eleanor Calder?" Hannah asked dumbfoundedly. El just nodded with a polite smile at her. "And you must be.." Eleanor looked at me directly. "Hannah." she stated as she chewed on her lips. I've told El about our past relationship, and she didn't sound too happy about it. Though, she was relieved that if me and Hannah didn't break up, we wouldn't have met, and Louanor wouldn't have existed in the first place.

Hannah said nothing more, and just waved awkwardly at both of us without saying another word. I'm sure she's feeling awkward about this just as much as I do. I know I would If I was to met a girl who broke my heart just for the reason of being seen with me, embarrassed.

I mean, who does that? I sure don't. "What are you doing here?" I asked her as I noticed Harry coming over our way, but then stopped and dropped some things when he saw both of us together. I can practically feel his anger. He should know that I already broke up with her for him. He should trust me.

"Er.." El muttered awkwardly. "I called the boys if I could speak with you, about stuff, but they said that something happened to Lottie, and here I am." she chirped while gripping my hand. It send tingles but not as strong as Harry made me feel. Now that I was speaking of Harry, I suddenly see him running with the food on his hands. Angrily huffing per stride. Crap. He's mad.

"Well, I'll.. I'll just be right back." I told her as I gently removed her hands from my hands, and she gripped onto it a little tighter. "Stay." she said while pouting. "I'm really sorry El, but I have to go get Harry." I smiled at her as I ran after the love of my life. I quietly chuckled as I take strong strides. He only acts jealous if he's serious. "I guess I have my resolve now." I sad breathlessly.

Harry POV

I'm so mad right now! Words cannot express how much my blood is practically boiling by the sight of those two again. Just when he figured out his feelings for me, and me for him, they appear before me looking all lovey-dovey like always.

Tears threatened to spill down my eyes but I chose to fight it, because frankly right now I can't cry, I can't just weep infront of the truth. Lou might still have feelings for her, I know of that fact. Heck, he might be bloody in-love with her all over again. I have to go back to Colorado, right now. I need to clear my head. I can't think properly.

"HARRY!"  Louis called out from behind me. "HARRY!!!" he called out again while he was metres away from me. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I bellowed behind me as I started running faster practically hopping in every other step. "HARRY WAIT!!" he screamed even louder. "LEAVE ME ALONE LOU!" I screamed again.

The tears started stinging my eyes, temporarily blurring my vision. I thought it was only a mirage, but I thought I saw a car. I tried turning but my legs won't let me. Crap I thought. This might hurt, so I closed my eyes waiting for the pain, but all I felt is that I was pushed, with the wind knocked out of me and blackness covered me as I looked at the figure who was covering me.

It was Louis. He gasped for air, and looked at me with a knowing smirk. "You alright lad?" he asked as he caressed my cheeks and gently stroke away chunks of my curls that was on my face. Before I could say anything, red liquid was pouring down his arm, and I paled.

I feel him grunt as soon as he also followed where I was staring at. "Oops." was all he said and he plopped down on his bum on the pavement. "No worries mate." he assured. "I'll be alright, it's just a scratch." he swinged his hands like it's nothing. He flinched by the pain that shot through his arms, and he was pretty damn sure I saw the whole thing.

I said nothing else, and offered my shoulder for him to lean on. "Haz, you know you don't nee--""Try to talk me out of it, and see what happens." I threatened, and he remained quiet for the time being. He limped a bit, and saw some scratches on his knee. Oh great, the lads would not be pleased by this.

The doctor cleaned up his wounds, and stopped the blood as he took out a small cast for Lou's wrist. "No working out for now." the doctor instructed, and we both nodded. Jay thought that we can go now seeing as our Manager told us to be back by tomorrow as we are needed for the signing. And plus Louis told her that we are already going out. But what surprised me was she was not surprised by all that.

"Sorry L--""STOP!" he pressed his index finger on my lip. "No need for apologies Haz, you weren't thinking properly." he assured me. I only sighed in protest as he kept interrupting me whenever I tried apologizing. He got hurt and it was all my fault! I thought as we brought our luggage inside the plane.

Both of us remained silent as we arrived to Colorado 3 hours late with the private jet. "Finally." Louis mumbled as he slept on my shoulder. I sighed in relief while I stared out the window on the limo bringing us back to our flat. "We're back Colorado." I stated silently as my eyes drifted off into the dream world.


FINISHED! Sorry it sounds rushed, but its the best I can do. I'll revise tomorrow. See ya guys!

Note: Forgot to mention, El took the next flight before Lou, so after seeing Lottie, she said good bye before Harry and Lou got back.

~Cam xoxo 

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