Sparing with Ty ( 7 )

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I give a weak laugh.

"What would happen if I said no?" I asked as I heard laughing sounds from behind me. I looked over to see Alex smiling. I just kicked his ass. Why is he like this?

"I'd still make you do it" Ty replied; picking up his sword. However, he didn't pick up a shield. Either because he doesn't use one, or he's going easy on me like he did when fought with Alex. I think it was a bit of both.

"Okay. Let's do this" I sighed as I mentally planned my funeral. Who should I leave my car too? I miss my car. Maybe I could donate it.

Ty readied his sword and I did the same along with my shield. I had somewhat of an advantage against him because of my shield. However, Ty had many more years of training on his side. He is like 900 years old and this is the first time I picked up a sword, let alone know how to properly use one. I just swing until I hit something while I hide behind my shield.


"No, not really."

"We're going."

He swung his sword at my head luckily I raised my shield just in time to block it. I jabbed my sword forward at him. He rolled to the side and got behind me. It was the same thing he had done to Alex. By the look of his swing he put a lot of power into it and if it didn't hit the mark, he would fall.


Before he could hit me, I dropped to the ground and put my shield over my head like a turtle. He lost his balance and fell onto my shield. I pushed up hard and threw him to the ground.

He let out a small groan. He quickly got up and smiled at me. I must say I felt pretty good about myself, but it was short-lived as Ty swung his sword at me once more hitting my shield. He hit it with so much force it was ripped from my hand and sent to the sandy ground.

Ty swang again, but this time he aimed for my sword. He was going for a win by disarmament, but once more I thank my father for making me take the five years of gymnastics that I hated. I back-flipped backward saving my sword, but I lost a large piece of my hair. It seems when I flipped back my hair got in the way of the blade. I going to kill him.

His smile faded as he saw my brown hair on his sword.

"I'm sorry..." Ty said.

"It's a good thing you can't die," I growled as I charged at him and swung my sword.

My attacks became more deadly as Ty had to step up his game to block them. From the sidelines, I heard Alex laughing. I swung my sword at Ty and he blocked it with the blade of the sword. He smirked and grabbed the blade of my sword his other hand and ripped it out of my hand. Then point to the end of his sword at my throat.

" I win ", He said as he lowered his sword and handed back mine.

" Next time don't mess with my hair," I said pointing my sword at him.

"Okay, Okay chill I'm sorry," He said putting his hand up and laughing.

I sheathed my sword on my back and picked up my shield and put it on my back. Wonder Woman style.

"You did well though. Especially when you threw me," Ty said as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

I went to say something, but I was interrupted by an old man who was standing next to Alex who now had a little dragon on his shoulder. The was smaller than Athena and was a deep blue instead of Athena's crimson red.

 The was smaller than Athena and was a deep blue instead of Athena's crimson red

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"Tyranis, The old man began. " We have located the third dragon rider I suggest you retrieve him before Sardis does and leave the training of the new riders to me.

Ty signed and sheathed his sword his faded and spoke. " You're right I will head out soon, Shane."

"Good" With that Shane sent a disgusted glare at me and walk off. What I'd do to him?

"Well, it looks like I should be going I will leave your training to Shane," Ty said as he started to pick up his things.

"Not to complain, but Shane is an asshole," Alex said blankly.

Ty gave a small laugh.

"Well, the best teachers are."

"What does he do?", I asked.

"He's an Asshole," Alex said.

"He's is the one that will be being training you in dragon basic knowledge until all the riders are here then I will take over," Ty said Raikou landed next to him.

"When will you get back?", I asked.

"A day or two I'm not sure," Ty said as he mounting Raikou.

He waved goodbye at Alex and me before he and Raikou flew off. Athena watched the pair sadly as they flew away from camp.

"Um... Can I ask you a question?" Alex asked breaking the silences.


"What kind of dragon is Athena?"

"She's a Flamezephyr. What about this little guy?"

"This is Blue and he's a Blue Stryder so when he grows up he will be pretty fast, but not as fast as a Flamezephyr like Athena."

"Well that's cool but what do we do now."

"Well, I don't know what do you what to do. We don't start training until tomorrow. It's about noon now."

"Well, I had planned to go to the library and read up on some stuff. It's good to have a feel for what kind of deadly things make up the armies of darkness. Don't you think?"

" Well to be fair I didn't even know we had a library and I have been here for 3 days."

We laughed and headed to the library with Athena and Blue behind us.

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